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Parent and Student Resources and Supports

Find Parent and Student Resource and Support information in the APS Handbook, including information about clothing assistance, extracurricular activities, community schools, counseling, dress and appearance, and more.

Clothing Assistance

All students at APS schools (including charter and alternative schools) are eligible to receive services from the APS Community Clothing Bank. For information or questions, please contact

Co-Curricular, Extracurricular Activities, Clubs and Organizations


Extracurricular Activities


Albuquerque Public Schools may allow distribution through schools of informational and promotional materials that support district goals and initiatives; enhance educational outcomes for students; benefit students and families; and encourage character-building activities and interests. This system in APS is called Peachjar. School Messenger is the communication system linked to your student information system.

Community Schools


Dress and Appearance

Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Support

Flag Display and Pledge of Allegiance

Foreign Exchange Students


Food and Nutrition

APS Food and Nutrition Services will make modifications and substitutions to the regular school meals for a student with restrictions in their diet. The Special Diet Authorization Form must be completed and signed by a licensed healthcare provider for a student with a disability before the school cafeteria can provide any modifications or substitutions. The completed form must be provided to the Food and Nutrition Services Department, including the school cafeteria manager and the Dietitian. The school cafeteria staff will prepare the meal along with the other meals being served that day. Dietary Needs Form Allergens - check with your school administrator and/or nurse regarding the school’s procedure for food allergies.

Graduation Ceremonies

Health Services

Homeless - McKinney Vento

APS offers services and support to children, youth and their families who are experiencing homelessness through the Title I McKinney-Vento Program. Homeless children and youth are defined as “individuals who lack a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence.” A description of services, resources and student referral form can be found on the APS McKinney Vento website.

Instructional Materials and Textbooks

Medical Cannabis

Medical Care and Emergency Medical Services

Medicine at School


Parent Organizations

Preparedness Drills

Refugee and Newcomer Support

School, Community and Home Relations

School Parties, Celebrations, and Religious Topics

Section 504

Student Fines and Fees

School Safety

Albuquerque Public Schools has a plan in place to keep students and staff safe. Safety training emphasizes an active response, teaching students and staff to evacuate and run from danger when possible.

  • APS Police train teachers and staff to proactively handle the threat of an aggressive intruder or active shooter event.
  • Police follow a protocol called ALICE supported by local law enforcement.
  • Through ALICE training, staff and students are empowered to make decisions that include using building infrastructure, movement, noise, and distance to help survive an active life threatening event.
  • Students will be trained through age-appropriate drills and, at the secondary levels, class meetings.
  • Additional information on the APS Police Student and Parents Webpage

Safe Gun Storage

Secure firearm storage is an essential part of home safety. If a decision has been made to bring a gun into your home, parents/guardians can make the home safer by storing any firearms unloaded and locked, with ammunition kept in a separate place. Research has proven that this simple practice can help prevent unintentional shootings, gun suicides, and other tragedies that can result when kids and teens gain access to guns. For more information, visit

Student Technology

School Facilities

Albuquerque Public School facilities may be used by the public. Below are the policy and procedural directive to explain the process of community access to APS facilities. Facilities can be rented through an online account on the APS How to Rent an APS Facility website. Below are the policies and procedural directives for the use of school and district facilities.

Special Education


Work Permits

This page was last updated on: July 26, 2022.