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Superintendent's Message

A letter of introduction from Superintendent Scott Elder in the APS Handbook for Student Success.

Dear APS Students and Families,

It is my privilege to welcome you to the 2022-2023 school year. We are very happy to have you as a member of the Albuquerque Public Schools family. As with any family, clear, open, and frequent communication is key to a strong, healthy relationship. The APS Handbook for Student Success is a tool for keeping those lines of communication open. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with its content, and keep it handy so you can reference it throughout the school year as questions or concerns arise. If you lose your copy, don't worry. It is also posted to the website.

As a matter of fact, I encourage you to look at the online version. This year, the electronic copy provides links to all the pertinent Board Policies and Procedural Directives that define how we work. You can learn how to do a variety of things, such as request records or opt out of providing your information for recruiters at the touch of a button. Information regarding enrollment and withdrawal are conveniently located in the Handbook.

The APS Handbook for Student Success is updated each year and establishes expectations and provides guidelines for our students. Its pages are filled with helpful information to ensure a safe and rewarding school year. You can see the school calendars for all our schools or learn about academic opportunities. We provide links regarding the process for guest speakers or how to get permission for a field trip. You can even find a listing of the schools, their addresses and their phone numbers!

Our goal is to create an atmosphere of respect and responsibility for all. This handbook outlines what to do if a student or the family feels those rights are violated.

Of course, just as students have rights, they also have responsibilities. They are expected to attend school regularly and to behave in a manner that doesn't keep others from learning. Student expectations, unacceptable conduct, and consequences are clearly outlined in the handbook.

We encourage you to call your school if you need clarification of any rule, regulation, or policy. You may also contact the APS Student, Parent, and Employee Service Center, the customer service center for APS. Contact them at 505-855-9040 or

I hope you find this handbook useful and helpful. I wish you a happy and successful 2022-2023 school year!

Scott Elder