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Superintendent's Message

A letter of introduction from Superintendent Scott Elder in the APS Handbook for Student Success.

Dear Students and Parents/Guardians,

As the Superintendent of Albuquerque Public Schools, I am delighted to welcome you to the upcoming academic year. We believe that education is a vital tool for personal growth and success, and we are committed to providing a safe and supportive learning environment for all students.

I want to remind you of the importance of our Student Success Handbook, which serves as a guide to help everyone understand the expectations and responsibilities within our school community. The discipline code is outlined here, and it is essential for students and parents/guardians to familiarize themselves with its contents.

Our discipline code ensures the appropriate actions and potential consequences are clearly defined, promoting fairness and accountability. However, it is equally important to emphasize that our primary goal is to use restorative practices whenever possible. We believe in the power of understanding, empathy, and learning from mistakes, which enables us to support and guide students through challenging situations.

At Albuquerque Public Schools, we recognize and celebrate the unique qualities and diverse backgrounds of our students. We understand that everyone learns and grows differently, and we strive to accommodate these individual differences while maintaining our high expectations for each student. The handbook serves as a compass to help us navigate these expectations together.

I encourage all students and parents/guardians to read the student handbook thoroughly. It is an invaluable resource that outlines our shared commitment to learning, respect, and responsibility. By working together, we can create an environment where all students thrive.

Thank you for your ongoing partnership in shaping the future of our students. I wish you a successful and fulfilling academic year ahead.

Scott Elder