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Request and send your high school transcript and Education Verification requests through Parchment.

About Transcript Requests

Request Transcripts Online

Albuquerque Public Schools students can request and send High School Transcripts and Education Verification through Parchment.

Request Your
Through Parchment

Request Archived Transcripts

The Albuquerque Public Schools District Imaging and Archive Center (DIAC) can provide high school transcripts only for alumni students who have attended APS. The transcript years that DIAC has available are listed at the bottom of this page.

How to Request and Send Your Transcript Through Parchment

  1. Visit Parchment and either create a new account, or sign-in to your existing account.

  2. Add your school to your Profile. Enter the name of the last school you attended – for example "Highland High School". 

    If you attended school more than five years ago, also add "District Imaging and Archives Center" as a former school. This will ensure your request is completed if your former school no longer has that record on site.

  3. Enter where you would like your transcript to be sent. For example you could enter "The University of New Mexico" or "Central New Mexico Community College". Make sure to review your destinations before moving on to the next step. Official transcripts are sent electronically, securely and confidentially to the colleges, universities or organizations you select in your request. 

  4. Provide Consent: Sign your waiver form and complete the transcript authorization form by eSigning.

Tracking Your Transcript Request

Once you've completed the forms you can check the status of your request in your Parchment account. You can immediately see if your request is pending, sent, or delivered.

Additional Parchment Information

Requesting Archived Transcripts Through the District Imaging and Archive Center (DIAC)

Contact DIAC to request archived transcripts. DIAC can be reached by email at or by phone at (505) 842-3696.

  • DIAC only provides High School transcripts for alumni students who have attended APS. These transcripts may or may not be used in accordance with the Real ID Act.
  • DIAC does not provide any other type of school records or documents such as diplomas, yearbooks, cumulative, health, or census.

If you don't see your school or the year you need?

If you do not see the school location or year that you need in the table below, then DIAC does not have those records. Please request the records directly from the high school location through the Parchment.

Transcript years available at the APS District Imaging and Archive Center (DIAC).
High School LocationGraduation
Year and Before
Year and Before
Albuquerque High 2002 1996
Cibola High 2007 2007
Del Norte High 2010 2000
Eldorado High 2000 2001
Highland High 2006 2001
La Cueva High 2005 2005
Manzano High 2007 2001
Rio Grande High 2008 1996
Sandia High 2004 2007
Valley High 2001 2010
West Mesa High 2002 2002
Albuquerque Evening High 1996 1996


APS is excited to bring you this convenience in a joint effort with the University of New Mexico and Central New Mexico Community College.

This page was last updated on: January 15, 2010.