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School Messenger

APS uses the notification service SchoolMessenger to send general and emergency messages to families through email and phone calls. Request support and find frequently asked questions.


APS uses SchoolMessenger® to send personalized voice messages, e-mails and surveys to families and staff. It is a tool that is used in coordination with other effective means of communication (newsletters, letters home, flyers, school Web site, marquees, etc.).

APS uses SchoolMessenger to notify families and staff of location-based matters:

  • attendance
  • emergencies including shelters in place
  • school delays or closings
  • grading periods
  • dates for final exams and state-mandated testing
  • school and District events

Request SchoolMessenger Support

Why am I being contacted?

Families with an APS Student

You provided contact information to APS when registering your student(s). The information is input into Synergy and shared with SchoolMessenger. APS accesses the contact information to notify families by phone and email.

Update Family Contact Information

If there are any changes in student contact information:


Your provided contact information to APS when you were hired. The information is input into Lawson and shared with SchoolMessenger. APS accesses the contact information to notify employees by phone and email.

Update Staff Contact Information

Please notify APS Human Resources of any changes in employee contact information.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m getting misdirected calls/emails from APS.  How do I remove my contact information?

For support, contact the Technology Service Desk by email at  or by phone at (505) 830-8080. You will need to provide the information below:

Misdirected phone calls:

  • Your name
  • Phone number being called
  • Caller ID for unwanted calls
  • Any helpful information from the message (attendance notice, event details, etc.)

Misdirected emails:

  • Forward the email to 
  • Above the forward, include your name and phone number for follow up

Can I use SchoolMessenger to send notifications?

Your school/department administrators are responsible for maintaining coordinated communication strategies. Requests for training and access must come from your school/department administrator.

Administrators may request access and training via email. Training and system access instructions will be forwarded to authorized users.

  • Email
  • Subject line: "Access/Training"
  • Employee ID
  • Employee name
  • Employee position

How do I log on to SchoolMessenger?

Authorized users may log into the APS SchoolMessenger website with their APS credentials.