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Access kindergarten resources and learn about kindergarten registration requirements, preparing for the first day, what your student will learn, and attendance.

Get Ready for the First Day of School

Important Dates & Information

Welcome to Kindergarten!

You and your child will get all the information you need to start Kindergarten on the Kindergarten Registration Checklist!

Today’s kindergarten classrooms are very different from the kindergarten classes of the past.   Students no longer go to school for a half-day. Kindergarten focuses on more than learning to play with other kids, singing, cutting with scissors, and being away from home.  
Instead, today’s kindergarten classes are difficult educational programs:

  • Kindergarten is all day, with no naps.  

  • Students are expected to add, subtract, and read by the time they leave kindergarten.  

  • They use their listening skills to sound out words. 

  • They write sentences with correct grammar and punctuation.  

Kindergarten is more important than ever.  It is the foundation students use to build their futures.  It is so important to have a strong beginning in their kindergarten year. Attending school every day, ready to focus and learn is the key to students’ long-term success in education.

Open House

Individual schools will provide parents with information about their specific open house dates soon after the first day of school.

During Open house you will:

  • meet your child’s new teacher
  • explore the kindergarten classroom
  • learn about attendance procedures and policies
  • get child care information and bus information
  • discuss walking or student drop-off procedures

The first day of kindergarten will take place on August 7, 2023, at your school site.

Contact your school site for additional open house information.

Stay Involved

Being involved in your child's education is so important! 

  • Classroom Visits: Try to volunteer at your child's classroom at least once a month. Communicating with your child's teacher will help them be successful in school. Be sure to keep your contact information updated at all times for safety reasons!  
  • Conferences: There will be two Parent/Teacher Conferences held during the school year to discuss your child's progress. Please make it a priority to attend both conferences with your child's teacher.