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Academic Excellence and Expectations

Albuquerque Public Schools shall implement an academic plan aimed at improving achievement for all students with an intense focus on closing the achievement gap.

Academic Program Requirements

Academic Opportunities

Academic Interventions and Support

Alternative Language Services

Alternative Language services are programs designed to meet the educational needs of all language minority students to enable them to participate effectively in the regular school program, thus ensuring equal access to a quality education. Schools are required to have a home language survey in place and qualify students needing services, and a language proficiency assessment for program placement. For more information view the Language and Cultural Equity Department website or call (505) 881-9429.


Delays and Closings

Early Checkout

Emergency School Closings

Excused/Unexcused Absences and Tardies

Make-up work

Release of Students

Bilingual Seal

Students have the opportunity to acquire a district and State of New Mexico Bilingualism and Biliteracy Seal in Spanish, Native American languages (i.e. Navajo and Zuni) and foreign languages (i.e. French, German, Chinese, etc.). These seals of bilingualism and biliteracy serve as formal recognitions of students who have studied and attained a high level of proficiency in English and another language by high school graduation. Bilingual Seals are available in elementary and middle school and on a student’s high school diploma. For more information visit the APS Bilingual Seal webpage.

Controversial Issues

Students shall have the right to encounter diverse points of view. Students shall have opportunities to hear speakers, view presentations, and engage in civil discourse representing a wide range of views in classes, clubs, and assemblies under guidelines established by the school district. Below are policy and procedural directives to explain the process for controversial issues for schools and families.

Field Trips and Activity Trips

Guest Speakers



Indian Education

Instructional Council

Next-Step Plans

Per state law, The Next Step Plan is a personal, written plan that is developed by each student at the end of grades 8–11 and during the senior year (grade 12). The purpose of the plan is to target the student’s postsecondary interests, and set forth the studies he or she will complete during high school in order to be on track for graduation. The student reviews and updates his or her NSP annually, and each year’s plan must explain any differences from the previous year’s NSP (State Law: 22-13-1.1 NMSA 1978).

Student Drop off and Pick up

Testing and Examinations


Volunteers must align to the academic goals of the school and district and all volunteers must pass a background check. Visitors are people who attend isolated events, not regularly like volunteers. Below are the relevant policies and procedural directives.

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