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Guidelines for Subject Related Contests and Competitions

Contests should primarily serve the needs of students and the goals of education and content curriculum; secondarily, a contest might serve other interests of the sponsoring organization. A legitimate object of contests is the encouragement of excellence; but competition for honors should not overshadow the purpose of developing the abilities of all potential entrants. The standards listed below should be observed in all contests involving academic skills

Referral Process

Sponsors of contests in which student participation is solicited will be directed to the Coordinator of Community Outreach in Instructional Support Services for screening and for assistance in contacting schools.

Contests and projects which are arts related will be directed to the Coordinator for Fine Arts in Instructional Support Services.

Sponsors of contests must submit a statement of purpose and contest guidelines and materials well in advance (3 - 4 week minimum) of contest deadlines to allow time for processing and contacting schools.

Contests consistent with APS goals, curriculum, and policies will be approved and a process for contacting schools will be agreed upon.

Contests involving competition among school teams will be referred to the New Mexico Activities Association. Exception will be approved by the Deputy Superintendent.

School Responsibility

When contacted by a sponsoring organization, schools should contact the Office of Community Outreach for assistance in screening and coordination with other schools. Schools may select and reject contests based on school goals, consistency with curriculum, and potential for enhancing student learning. Contest participation should be limited according to staff and student time and interest. No student may be compelled to enter a contest.

If student entries will be published, a release form signed by the student must be obtained prior to publication. If a student entry will be used in a fundraising effort, acknowledgment and permission from the student will be required.

Cross Ref.: Board Policy J.26

NSBA/NEPN Classification: JJG

Revised: May 1995
April 1996
May 1997