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Double Promotion

Elementary, Middle School Guidelines

Before a student is double promoted from one grade to another at the elementary and middle school levels, the following process is to be pursued by the school personnel and parents:

  1. A written rationale for considering double promotion must be prepared which takes into consideration the following
    1. Maturity level/age
    2. High achievement
    3. Attendance
    4. Student program needs
  2. The teachers, principal, counselor, and parents will meet to assure that the promotion of the student is the best alternative for the student.
  3. All available alternatives at the school will be considered prior to double promotion and could include:
    1. Individualized instruction
    2. Enriched programs
    3. Gifted programs (For students who are currently in special education programs or who could qualify for a special education gifted program, an Education Assessment Review must be conducted and completed by the school utilizing the process for special education program placement.)
  4. If double promotion is felt to be educationally appropriate for the student, a case conference involving the parents and school personnel listed above (Section B.) must be held. The school must send written notification about the conference to the parents. If another school is involved, the principal of the receiving school will be involved.
  5. Double promotion forms will be completed at this conference and inserted into the student’s cumulative folder. The school will also submit a copy of the form to the appropriate assistant superintendent. In addition, if applicable, the school will submit a copy to the principal of the receiving school.

Middle School to High School Guidelines

  1. This procedure is based on the need to provide early entrance to high school from middle school for one or more of the following reasons:
    1. Maturity Level and/or Age
    2. High Achievement
    3. Program Needs
    4. Attendance
  2. Before a student is transferred from a middle school to a high school during the school year, there will be a notification of need in writing.
  3. The rationale may be developed by an administrative designee, but an administrator at the sending and receiving schools must be responsible for the communication.
  4. The notification or communication in writing is to be accomplished by completion of Form AD-10, Middle to High School Transfer Request During the School Year, obtainable from the appropriate assistant superintendent’s office.
  5. Transferring an eighth grade student to the high school ninth grade should take place only at the semester break.
  6. Disputes will be resolved by the appropriate assistant superintendent.
  7. Middle school students may take classes at the high school level. With the exception of algebra, these classes are not taken for credit. Parents should be notified of this in writing, the parent should sign the statement, and the statement should be kept in the student’s cum folder.


Cross Ref.:

  • APS Double-Promotion Elementary/Middle School form
  • Middle to High School Transfer Request During the School Year form

NSBA/NEPN Classification: IKE

Revised: May 1995
: April 1996
: May 1997