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Instructional Program


It is the responsibility of the principal to monitor instruction in each classroom to assure delivery of required instruction. The APS Core Curriculum for Elementary Schools will be used to plan and assess each student’s instructional program.

Middle School

Each middle school shall include in its instructional plan and programs required District competencies as outlined in the APS Middle School Core Curriculum. This instructional plan will include the following minimum requirements.

  • Language Arts Competencies - full year at Grades 6, 7, and 8.
  • Social Studies Competencies - full year at grade 6, including Geography; full year at Grade 7, including New Mexico History and Geography for the equivalent of one semester; full year at Grade 8, including U.S. History.
  • Mathematics Competencies - full year at Grades 6, 7, and 8.
  • Science Competencies - 2.5 years throughout Grades 6, 7, and 8, to include life, physical, and earth science topics.
  • Health Education Competencies - one semester or the equivalent during Grades 6, 7, and/or 8 including instruction on HIV/AIDS to be completed by the end of Grade 7.
  • Physical Education Competencies - full year or the equivalent at Grade 6.
  • Computer Skills, Fine Arts, and Practical Arts Competencies to be included in each student’s program through exploratory programs, elective courses, and/or integration in core courses named above.
  • Employability Skills Competencies will be included as appropriate across the curriculum.

Exploratory/Elective Program

Each school will design an exploratory/elective program at all three grade levels. The primary purposes of the exploratory/elective program shall be 1) to encourage students to explore new interests and diverse areas of instruction; 2) to provide opportunities to achieve state and district competencies in all subject areas. Elective courses which do not focus on state or district competencies may be offered with the approval of the local board of education. If schools choose to offer modern and classical languages, curriculum development will be guided by the middle school core curriculum.

English Language Development

Each elementary and middle school must provide an instructional program to meet the needs of identified non-English speaking students.

Special Education

APS will provide services for elementary and middle school students with diagnosed exceptionalities. These programs will adhere to federal, state, and District regulations and guidelines.

Curriculum Waivers

Waivers for district and state requirements can be requested by submitting a waiver request to the Superintendent.

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NSBA/NEPN Classification: IHA

Revised: May 1995
: April 1996
: May 1997