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Grade Reporting and Recording

Grade Reporting Guidelines

It is the responsibility of the principal of the school to keep parents informed of student progress through data processed grade cards. School developed progress reports may be used with the approval of the Superintendent or designee.

The nine-week period has been set for the regular reporting period to parents.

Progress reports for students in danger of failing will be sent to parents by the fifth week of each quarter.

At the end of the school year parents should receive notification of failing grades in sufficient time to allow them to enroll failing students in summer school.

Parent-teacher conferences may be used to notify parents of student progress but may not be used in lieu of a scheduled report in writing.

Course Withdrawals at High Schools

A student who chooses to drop a class after the second week of enrollment will be given the grade of "W/F." Authority is granted to the principal to make an exception when, in the principal's judgment, it is warranted.

A student who repeats a specific course of study will receive the higher of the two grades. Both course titles and grades will be recorded on the transcript but the higher grade will be used in calculating GPA. The lower grade will remain with a line drawn through it, the credit designation removed, and the word "REPEAT" inserted in its place. Dual credit will not be allowed.

A "W" cannot be used with a passing grade.

A student who is removed from a class for reason of attendance and/or discipline will be given a "W/F" grade. A student removed from school under long term suspension will receive a "W/F." "W/F" does not carry credit and is included in the GPA. The course title and "W/F" will remain on the transcript. The course may be repeated for credit. Only the school that awards a final grade to a student may change that grade.

High School GPA Calculation

For the purposes of calculating GPA and class rank for seniors, calculation will be made at the end of the seventh semester. The top ten (10) students will be determined at the end of the final semester.

All courses for which a grade and credit are given and reflected on the high school transcript will be included in the computation of the GPA. Courses granting "I," "N," or "P" grades will not be included in the computation of the GPA.

A "W/F" grade is included in the GPA.

Transferring High School Students

When a student transfers from one APS high school to another, grades for a completed semester of work or a "W/F" given by the sending school may not be changed by the receiving school. Only the school that awarded a final grade can change it. Partial grades (for less than a full semester of work) should be taken into account by the receiving school in awarding a final semester grade.

When a student transfers from one APS high school to another within ten (10) school days of the end of the semester, the sending school shall be responsible for that semester's grades. It is the responsibility of the student to make the necessary arrangements to complete all work. The transcript of the sending school should reflect the semester grades in all subjects. The sending school should make every effort to discourage transfers in the last 10 days of a semester.

High School Grade Processing

High schools must adhere to the deadline for enrolling and withdrawing students at grade reporting time.

High schools will give grades which appear on OMR grade sheets to transfer students if the student withdraws before grades are processed. The grades may be forwarded to the receiving school upon request.

In grades 9-12, the teacher enters the grades on student transmittal sheets. The sheets are then submitted to Computer Services for printouts. The school will distribute report cards to students.

Reporting Student Progress to Parents

It is the responsibility of the school to keep parents informed of student progress through nine-week progress reports: Kindergarten, INS-50; Grades 1-2, INS-37; and Grades 3-5, INS-38. Schools will distribute progress reports the week after the close of the grading period.

Parent-teacher progress report conferences are scheduled at the first and third grading periods. Teachers will distribute progress reports at the scheduled conference. Instructional competencies should be discussed during the first quarter conference.

Students must be enrolled a minimum of 20 days within a 45-day grading period to receive progress grades. Students enrolled for fewer than 20 days may receive a summary statement of progress.

Elementary schools will notify parents no later than the end of the first semester of the possibility of retention. School personnel will make appropriate remediation attempts involving students and parents before initiating procedures for retention in accordance with the directive on retention.

Notification of Student Failures

It is the responsibility of each high school to notify parents/guardians of students who are in danger of failure. INS-76, available from Computer Services, can be used for this purpose.

Schools must be able to verify that a failure notice was sent to the parent/guardian using the most current address on file. If the administration can verify notification was sent, failure on the part of the parent/guardian to receive notification does not constitute grounds for automatic passage of the student.

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