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Human Sexuality and AIDS Instructional Material

NM Public Education Department, in alignment with the NM Administrative Code §§ and mandate each school district shall provide HIV/AIDS instruction in the curriculum of the required health education content area to all students in alignment with administrative code. 

This instruction includes an understanding of HIV/AIDS how it is transmitted and not transmitted; risk reduction methods, stressing abstinence; responsible decision making and refusal skills; and information regarding resources for appropriate medical care. The regulation requires the involvement of parents/guardians, staff, and students in the development of policies and the review of instructional materials.


Instructional content of lessons about human sexuality and HIV/AIDS (including all audio visual and other materials to be used) must be planned and approved by a school committee.  The committee membership should include an administrator, counselor, health teacher(s), nurse, parent(s)/guardian(s) and student(s).

When developing/reviewing the instructional program, the committee should consider the following:

  • Provision of awareness information for all choices.
  • Provision of medically accurate, unbiased, and up-to-date information.
  • Provision of instruction consistent with public health information.
  • The developmental appropriateness of the instructional materials.
  • Opportunities for students to identify healthy vs. unhealthy relationships, recognize and appropriately respond to peer pressure, and practice responsible  decision making skills.
  • Personal values discussions should be encouraged between students and their families/trusted adults.
  • Respect and diversity of beliefs.
  • Small group instruction for sensitive topics.
  • A plan to provide parent/guardian preview of the instructional program.
  • A plan to provide parent/guardian notification of the instructional program.

For the use of audio/visual, or other instructional materials, the committee should consider the following:

  • Capacity of audio/visual, or instructional media to support the learning objectives.
  • Capacity to reach the personal interest level and ability of students.
  • Compliance with all copyright laws and regulations.
  • The “track record” of the audio/visual/instructional material based on previous instructional use.
  • Local committee standards.

Parents/guardians must be afforded the opportunity to preview the instructional materials at least one week prior to presentation to the students.  In addition, parents must be notified as to the exact time and day if the school plans to sponsor a speaker in the classroom so parents have the opportunity to excuse their student from participation.

Permission of parents/guardians is not required for student participation in human sexuality or HIV instruction.  However, parents/guardians who do not wish their student to participate in portions of the human sexuality or the HIV/AIDS instruction may contact the appropriate school personnel, and alternative educational activities will be provided for the students.

Procedures to follow if a parent/guardian requests exemption from portions of human sexuality or HIV/AIDS instruction are outlined in the Exemptions from Health or Physical Education Curriculum directive.

Administrative Position: 

  • Chief of Schools
  • Associate Superintendents for Leadership and Learning
  • Assistant Superintendent of Equity and Support

Department Director:

  • Assistant Superintendent  of Curriculum and Instruction
  • Senior Director of Student Health and Life Skills
  • Principals

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NSBA/NEPN Classification: IJG

Revised: May 1995
: April 1996
: May 1997
: August 2004
Reviewed: January 5, 2023
Revised:  January 20, 2023