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Counseling and Consultant Services by non-APS Persons


Student Counseling or Consultation on Individual or Group Basis

Referrals for counseling will be made to the school counselor. Disposition of special education counseling referrals will be made by the IEP Committee.

If the counselor feels that additional help or expertise would be of value for education students, he or she should:

  1. Recommend to parents or guardians that additional help be sought outside of the school system.
  2. Respond to parental requests for suggested names or agencies by listing in writing a minimum of three (3) practitioners or agencies.
  3. Refer to a school-based or school-linked service provider, if available.
  4. Advise parents that financial responsibility for services provided outside of APS will be borne by the parents.

On-Site Counseling by Non-APS Persons

In the event that the services cannot be provided by non-APS personnel before or after the regular school day, counseling by non-APS persons may be authorized at the school during school hours under the following conditions:

  1. An agreement exists between the administration and teacher(s) that absences from classes will be excused.
  2. Appropriate space is available for such an activity.
  3. The school counselor, or other appropriate person, is willing to supervise the activity.
  4. The parent has approved the counseling or consultation session in writing.

Access to Student Records by Non-APS Counselors or Consultants

In accordance with APS policy, New Mexico State Board of Education policy, and the Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, such counseling or consultation may be conducted only after specific written approval has been given by the student's parent(s) or guardian(s) or through IEP Committee recommendation. Student records may be shared with non-APS person only upon condition that the parent(s) or guardian(s) have provided the school with written permission indicating specifically which records may be shared.

Non-APS counselors or consultants may be invited to school support team reviews if a parent has given approval. Records may be shared only if the parent or guardian has provided the school with permission indicating specifically which records are to be shared.

Student and/or Staff Informational Programs

Non-APS counseling or consultation persons may be invited, with approval of the principal, to provide programs on specific topics for counselor inservices, staff members or students. The principal, as the responsible agent, needs to be aware of the program and assume responsibility for its content.


Cross Ref.: Outside Speakers and Controversial Issues directive


NSBA/NEPN Classification: JLDAB


Revised: May 1995

Revised: April 1996

Revised: May 1997