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Community Schools

General Provisions

The purpose of this procedural directive is to implement the policy IH8 - Community Schools. This implementation shall advance the framework established in the 2007 Joint Power Agreement established between the City of Albuquerque, Bernalillo County, and APS supporting the creation of the Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Community School Partnership (hereinafter referred to as "ABC") for the development and implementation of Community Schools.

The APS Board recognizes a Community School as defined by the Coalition for Community Schools (ABC is a member) and Title I guidance (U.S. Department of Education, Sept. 2, 2009) as both a place and a set of partnerships between the school and other community resources. A Community School’s focus on the integration of academics, health and social services, youth, family, and community engagement and development leads to improved student learning, stronger families, and healthier communities.

Community Schools shall provide an equity strategy for which fairness is achieved through systematically assessing and addressing disparities in opportunities and outcomes so that all students experience high quality instruction and receive effective individual and family supports and services they need to succeed in school and the community.

APS recognizes Community Schools as an effective school improvement strategy and a process shall be established for the growth in the number of full service Community Schools throughout APS. Such schools shall transition into the hubs of their community, bringing together many relevant partners to offer an array of supports and opportunities within and beyond the school day to children, youth, families and community members focusing on the whole child by addressing the academic, physical, social, and emotional needs of students.

Community School Framework

Although the specific services, supports and opportunities available at individual Community Schools may vary depending on local needs and resources, all such schools shall strategically integrate the following components and strategies aligned with New Mexico's Community Schools Act:

  • Assets and needs assessments based on input from school staff, students, and families to inform the school of strengths and programs to build on, as well as identify needs not being met.
  • School-community partnerships that fill in any gaps in services the district may have and help strengthen current school programs.

Schools that have been identified, or are in the process of development as a full service Community School shall incorporate the additional framework:

  • A Community School Collaborative that consists of Coordinator, school administrator, teachers, school staff, families, and community members for which school-level decisions are discussed and made with the school's administration to give more perspectives and give stakeholders shared ownership of student success;
  • Lead Partner Agency which may be a school itself, a local government agency, or a 501c3 recognized by the State of New Mexico that has a written agreement with a school and district to house and support a full-time Coordinator, broker relationships and resources, and plan for sustainability; and
  • Community School Coordinator that is employed and supervised by the Lead Partner Agency, and is responsible for nurturing and facilitating a school-site collaborative leadership team that coordinate the implementation of programs and services based on the input from students and families in the areas of:
    • Family Engagement & Supports;
    • Extended Learning Opportunities; and
    • School-Based or Linked Health.

APS Support of ABC

APS shall support such development and implementation of Community Schools by working with ABC in a collaborative arrangement and as a voting member to provide school capabilities and oversight of community involvement. The Board of Education shall provide such support ongoing in the following manner:

  • Appoint two APS board members annually and the superintendent to serve on the ABC Board for joint planning, implementation, ongoing assessment, and communication with the APS Board. Appointees will provide the ABC Board with a status report on progress toward desired results and indicators[1], and development plans during the June Board of Education meeting;
  • Provide one senior level staff as determined by the superintendent to serve on the ABC Intermediary Team whom will be jointly supervised and evaluated annually by the superintendent, or his/her designee, and the ABC Executive Director;
  • Determine appropriate funding contributions to the ABC infrastructure as determined by the APS Board of Education through the annual budget process;
  • Intently work with the superintendent, who will be responsible for preparing any additional policy and financing recommendations, administrative guidelines, and procedural directives necessary to implement Community Schools.

Administrative Position:                    Executive Director of Student, Family and Community Supports

Department Director:                         Director of Schools and Community Partnerships

Legal Cross Ref.:                                   §22-32-1 to 22-32-4 NMSA 1978
Board Policy Cross Ref.:                      A.01 Mission Statement
                                                                A.02 Vision of a Learning Community
                                                                K.01 Family and Community Engagement
                                                                K.16 Visitors to Schools
                                                               JL Student and Staff Wellness and Welfare
                                                               JL4 School-Linked and School Based Health Centers

Procedural Directive Cross Ref:         Parent Organizations and Booster Club       
                                                               Visitors to Schools
                                                               School Volunteers
                                                               Family and Community Engagement
                                                               School-Linked and School-Based Health Services Clinics

NSBA/NEPN Classification:                KA, KC, KI                                                                           

Initial Draft Version: April 2015
Reviewed: April 8, 2015
Reviewed: May 4, 2015
Adopted: May 8, 2015