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Human Resources

Employee information: career opportunities, recruitment, benefits, leaves, separation of employment, resignation, retirement.

The Human Resources Department is dedicated to the recruitment and retention of a quality workforce in support of student success. Albuquerque Public Schools employs over 11,500 full-time employees, including teachers, support staff, administrators, and school police, who provide services to approximately 85,000 students.

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Employee Resources

Information for Employees

Employee Data and User Accounts

Personnel Information

Separation of Employment

Career Opportunities & Recruitment

Compensation & Requesting Leave

Licensure & Mentor Program


Mentor Program for Teachers

Interested in becoming a Mentor Teacher? Visit Mentor Program's on the Intranet to learn more and apply. Your Intranet login is your employee ID (e.g., e123456) and your email password.

Staffing & Employee Relations

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Main Phone: (505) 880-3700
Fax: (505) 889-4885

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P.O. Box 25704 Albuquerque, NM 87125-0704

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