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Staff listed by employee, with email address and phone number.
Employee Contact Information
Gilesa Amos
HR Executive Administrative Assistant
Le'Sean Amos
Substitute Services Specialist
Barbara Anglin
Employee Data Center Specialist
Valerie Atencio
Staffing Consultant: Secondary Staffing (High School)
LaVerne Barela
Employee Data Center Specialist
Andrea Biggs
Benefits Specialist (Employees and Retirees with last names – L-Q)
Michael Brown
Risk Management Sr. Director
Karen Bruckner
Coordinator: HR Systems
Melani Buchanan Farmer
Employee Wellness Manager
Breanna Bullis
Substitute Services Specialist
Ginny Callahan
Risk Management Claims Analyst
Eva Carter
Employee Data Center Specialist
Ree Chacon
Peer Assistance Review (PAR) Coordinator
Dorothy Chavez
Employee Processes Manager
Lynne Dayhoff
Labor Relations and Staffing Secretary
David Duncan
Employee Benefits Senior Analyst
Nancy Duran
Staffing Manager: Administrative, Management, Professional Support Staff, Computer Technicians
Janet Gabriel
Risk Management Claims Analyst
Jessica Gallegos
Return to Work Coordinator
Myra Garro
Licensure Manager
Tina Garcia
Front Desk Receptionist
Kristine Hansen
Staffing Consultant: SPED Ancillary Staff, MS & HS SPED Teachers
Sheila Jaramillo
Benefits Specialist (Employees and Retirees with last names R-Z)
Ann Johnson
Benefits Analyst (403b, 457b Deferred Compensation)
Veronica Johnson
Specialist: Extended Leaves (M-Z)
Casie Jones Petit
Assistant Staffing Specialist: Sub Custodians, Custodian Transfers
Denise Jones
Employee Data Center Lead Specialist
Hope Kaehler
Risk Management Claim Technical Coordinator
Stanley Keith
Staffing Consultant/Recruiter
Michelle Lemons
Mentor Program Coordinator
Lupe Leon
Secretary Employee Data Center/Verifications
Geraldine Lucero
Risk Management Safety Specialist
Alma G Luna
Staffing Consultant: Elementary Special Education Teachers
Joseph Lovato
Classified Staffing Technician
Jennifer Mackey
Staffing Consultant: Custodians, M&O, Secretaries/Clerks and School Police
Kelly Marvin
Risk Management Claim Technical Coordinator
Catherine McCullen
Staffing Consultant: Educational Assistants
Johnna Moore
Sick Leave Bank Specialist
Patti Nabors
HR Operations Director
Stacy Nash
Benefits Specialist
Jennifer O'Connell
Assistant Staffing Specialist: Employee/Labor Relations
Veronica Olivarez
Applicant Processing Specialist
Lynda Olson
Staffing Consultant: Elementary Staffing
Marena Ortiz
Assistant Staffing Specialist: Educational Assistants and Nurses
Kimberly Osborne
Clerk: Mentor Programs / PAR
Karyn Palmer
Staffing Consultant: Athletic Coaches/Secondary Differentials
Jarred Panger
Staffing Consultant: Substitute Services
Brian Perrault
Staffing Consultant: Principals/Assistant Principals, Dept. Resource Teachers, Central Office Counselors and Social Workers
Kathy Peterson
Staffing Secretary
Janice Portillo
Risk Management Claims Analyst
Connie Rangel
Operations Specialist
Holly Reimholz
Mentor/Peer Assistance/Review Programs Secretary
Rebecca Rendon
Employee Data Center/Compensation Manager
Jessica Rivera
Employee Relations Specialist
Debbie Rodriguez
Licensure Specialist
Karen Rudys
Executive Director Employee Relations & Staffing
Louise Sanchez
Staffing Consultant: Elementary Staffing
Tereasa Sanders
Staffing Consultant: Student Transportation Services
Emily Sandoval
Applicant Processing Technician
Todd Torgerson
Human Resources & Legal Support Services
Mark Tyndall
Employee Benefits Senior Director
Claudia Velasquez
Benefits Specialist (Employees and Retirees with last names E-K)
Rebecca Wheat
Benefits Specialist (Employees and Retirees with last names A-D)
Judith Zuluaga Alzate
Employee Data Center Specialist