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Org Chart: Human Resources and Legal Support Services

This page shows the reporting structure, divisions and positions that are part of the Human Resources and Legal Support Services Department.

Human Resources and Legal Support Services

Chief: Human Resources and Legal Support Services: Todd Torgerson, (505) 889-4853
  • Executive Administrative Assistant: Gilesa Amos

Administrative and Classified Staffing

Manager: Administrative and Classified Staffing: Tereasa Sanders,

  • Specialist: Casie Petit
  • Specialist: Brian Perrault
  • Specialist: Johnna Moore
  • Specialist: Adriana Rangel
  • Specialist: Le'Sean Amos
  • Assistant Specialist: Marcela Orozco

Certified Staffing, Labor Relations, PAR and Mentor Programs

Executive Director: Valerie Hoose, (505) 889-4854

Manager: Certified Staffing: Louise Sanchez, (505) 889-4827

  • Specialist: Joseph Lovato
  • Secretary: Meagan Chavez
  • Secretary: TBD
  • Specialist: Angelic Sena
  • Specialist: Stanley Keith
  • Specialist: Alma Luna
  • Specialist: Angela Herrera
  • Specialist: Marena Ortiz
  • Specialist: Karyn Palmer
  • Specialist: Nadia Vasquez

PAR and Mentor Programs

  • Clerk: Melinda Nelson
  • Coordinator: Nicole Miner
  • Coordinator: Ree Chacon
  • Secretary: Emily Abeyta
  • Teacher: Violeta Djordjevic
  • Teacher: Stephanie Garcia
  • Teacher: Wynnell Lesback
  • Teacher: Tee McDougal

Employee Benefits, Wellness and Leaves

Senior Director: Valerie Atencio, (505) 889-4813

  • Senior Analyst:  Ann Johnson
  • Coordinator: Becky MacGregor
  • Specialist: Employee Benefits: Debbie Rodriguez
  • Specialist: Rebecca Wheat
  • Specialist: Samantha Smith
  • Specialist: Tisavera Badcob Baires
  • Specialist: Crist Meg
  • Specialist: Extended Leaves: Veronica Johnson
  • Specialist: Extended Leaves: Erika Larribas

Employee Data Center and Compensation

Manager: Rebecca Rendon, (505) 889-4837

  • Lead Specialist: Denise Jones
  • Secretary: Verifications: Guadalupe Leon
  • Specialist: Judith Zuluaga Alzate
  • Specialist: Pauline Baca
  • Specialist: LaVerne Barela
  • Specialist: Linda Walch

Employee Relations

Director: Jessica Rivera, (505) 889-4826

  • Specialist: Jennifer Mackey

HR Operations

Director: Dorothy Chavez, (505) 889-4898

  • Coordinator: Employee Processes & Recruitment: Connie Rangel
  • Coordinator: Employee Processes & Recruitment: Kelli Murphy
  • Professional Support Staff: Melanie Chavez
  • Professional Support Staff: Emily Sandoval
  • Professional Support Staff: TBD

Manager: Licensure: Danielle Torres, (505) 889-4806

  • Specialist: Roxanne Blow
  • Technician: Lisa Chavez

Risk Management

Senior Director: Michael Brown, (505) 830-8472

  • Analyst: Claim Tech Coordinator: Hope Kaehler
  • Analyst: Claim Tech Coordinator: Pat McLaren
  • Coordinator: ADA: Socorro Rodriguez
  • Coordinator: Return to Work: Jessica Urioste
  • Senior Risk Claims Analyst: Glenda Sanchez
  • Senior Risk Claims Analyst: Virginia Callahan
  • Specialist: ADA: Kelly Marvin
  • Specialist: Sick Leave Bank/Work Comp: Erika Larribas