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Org Chart: Human Resources and Legal Support Services

This page shows the reporting structure, divisions and positions that are part of the Human Resources and Legal Support Services Department.

Org Chart _7-27-20

Human Resources and Legal Support Services

Chief: Human Resources and Legal Support Services: Todd Torgerson, (505) 889-4853
  • Executive Administrative Assistant: Gilesa Amos

Administrative and Classified Staffing

Manager: Administrative and Classified Staffing: Tereasa Sanders, (505) 889-4833

  • Specialist: Jennifer Mackey
  • Specialist: Casie Petit
  • Specialist: Johnna Moore
  • Specialist: Brian Perrault
  • Assistant Specialist: Le'Sean Amos
  • Assistant Specialist: Melanie Chavez

Certified Staffing, Labor Relations, PAR and Mentor Programs

Executive Director: Valerie Hoose, (505) 889-4854

  • Executive Administrative Assistant: Labor Relations: Lynne Dayhoff

Manager: Certified Staffing: Louise Sanchez, (505) 889-4827

  • Specialist: Joseph Lovato
  • Secretary: Meagan Chavez
  • Secretary: TBD
  • Specialist: Kristine Hansen
  • Specialist: Stanley Keith
  • Specialist: Alma Luna
  • Specialist: Angela Herrera
  • Specialist: Marena Ortiz
  • Specialist: Karyn Palmer
  • Specialist: Nadia Vasquez

PAR and Mentor Programs

  • Clerk: Mary Rodriguez
  • Coordinator: Michelle Lemons
  • Coordinator: Ree Chacon
  • Secretary: Emily Abeyta
  • Teacher: Shaness Conley
  • Teacher: Linda Mackie
  • Teacher: Nicole Miner

Employee Benefits, Wellness and Leaves

Senior Director: Valerie Atencio, (505) 889-4813

  • Analyst: 403b, 457b Deferred Compensation: Ann Johnson
  • Coordinator: Becky MacGregor
  • Senior Analyst:
Supervisor: Employee Benefits: Sheila Jaramillo
  • Specialist: Employee Benefits: Debbie Rodriguez
  • Specialist: Last names A-D: Rebecca Wheat
  • Specialist: Last names E-K:
  • Specialist: Last names L-Q: Andrea Marie Biggs
  • Specialist: Last names R-Z: ?
  • Specialist: Extended Leaves: Veronica Johnson
  • Specialist: Extended Leaves: Erika Larribas
  • Specialist: Leave of Absence: Susan Lucero

Employee Data Center and Compensation

Manager: Rebecca Rendon, (505) 889-4837

  • Lead Specialist: Denise Jones
  • Secretary: Verifications: Guadalupe Leon
  • Specialist: Judith Zuluaga Alzate
  • Specialist: Pauline Baca
  • Specialist: LaVerne Barela

Employee Relations

Director: Jessica Rivera, (505) 889-4826

  • Specialist: Jennifer O’Connell
  • Secretary: Principal Hotline: Breanna Bullis

HR Operations

Director: Dorothy Chavez, (505) 889-4898

  • Coordinator: Employee Processes: Connie Rangel
  • Coordinator: Employee Processes: Kelli Murphy
  • Professional Support Staff: Veronica Olivarez
  • Professional Support Staff: Emily Sandoval

Manager: Licensure: Myra Garro, (505) 889-4806

  • Specialist: Danielle Torres
  • Technician: Lisa Chavez

Risk Management

Senior Director: Michael Brown, (505) 830-8472

  • Analyst: Claim Tech Coordinator: Hope Kaehler
  • Analyst: Claim Tech Coordinator: Pat McLaren
  • Coordinator: ADA: Socorro Rodriguez
  • Coordinator: Return to Work: Jessica Urioste
  • Senior Risk Claims Analyst: Janet Gabriel
  • Senior Risk Claims Analyst: Janice Portillo
  • Senior Risk Claims Analyst: Virginia Callahan
  • Specialist: ADA: Kelly Marvin
  • Specialist: Safety: Geraldine Lucero
  • Specialist: Sick Leave Bank/Work Comp: Erika Larribas