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PAR (Peer Assistance and Review)

Contact Information

Physical Address:
Lincoln Complex, Building M 912 Oak St SE Albuquerque, NM 87106 Map

Phone: (505) 253-0335
Fax: (505) 883-2773

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What is PAR?

The PAR Program is designed to help improve the performance of experienced teachers who are having serious difficulties carrying out their professional responsibilities. This help is provided through peer assistance by a Consulting Teacher (CT). The Consulting Teacher works directly with the struggling teacher to provide constructive and intensive intervention.

Who is eligible for PAR support?

  • A teacher placed on an Improvement Plan
  • A teacher placed on an Intensive Evaluation
  • A teacher who has completed one year or more of teaching
  • A teacher who feels they are struggling in completing their teaching duties may also confidentially volunteer for PAR.  The process for Volunteers is different. (More information for volunteers)

What is the definition of a Consulting Teacher?

  • The Consulting Teacher is a professional colleague who provides non-evaluative support for teachers based on their Improvement Plan or Intensive Evaluation. 

What is the role of the PAR Panel?

The PAR Panel monitors progress toward improvement goals based on regular reports from the Consulting Teacher.

  • The PAR Panel is the governing body of the program consisting of two classroom teachers, two administrators, one representative from Human Resources, one representative from the Albuquerque Teachers’ Federation, the Mentor Program Coordinator, and the PAR Liaison.
  • The PAR Panel monitors the intervention work and makes recommendations as applicable as outlined in the Negotiated Agreement.

How does PAR work with administrators?

Principals remain the teacher's evaluator. Learn more about the information available to principals

  • Principals communicate regularly with teachers during the Improvement process.
  • Principals and Consulting Teachers communicate occasionally during the Improvement process
  • Both Principals and CTs present evidence to the PAR Panel regarding their work with the teacher.
  • The PAR Panel makes recommendations to the principal.
  • The employment status of a teacher on a plan is determined through a combination of the PAR Panel recommendation and the principal evaluation.