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Security Procedures and Shelters-in-Place

Information on security procedures and shelters in place.

What is the New Safety Protocol?

The new safety protocol is called ALICE. When a school activates ALICE, new procedures may call for staff to barricade and fortify their location or evacuate the campus with their students.

  • Lockdown terminology will no longer be used.
  • "Initiate ALICE protocol" will replace "lockdown" and will be initiated only if there is a direct threat on campus.
  • The best course of action will be determined based on the best information obtained about the threat.

During ALICE training, APS emphasizes the empowerment of staff to make decisions and to utilize building infrastructure, movement, noise, and distance to help in surviving an active life-threatening event.

What is a Shelter-in-Place?

Shelter-in-Place is similar to a lockdown, except that the students and staff are allowed to move around inside their classroom.

What happens during a Shelter-in-Place?

  • All students are physically supervised during a shelter-in-place.
  • No one is allowed in or out of the building.
  • Students and staff are allowed to have organized and supervised restroom breaks, medical attention, food, and water if necessary.
  • Students are allowed to continue their studies in a supervised classroom that is locked and secure.

Who calls a Shelter-in-Place?

The decision to go from a lockdown to a shelter-in-place will be a joint decision made by the APS Police Department, the principal, and the appropriate superintendent. This decision will be made only when APS School Police have confirmed that there is no imminent danger to the students or staff of the affected school.

Security Procedures

APS has written security procedures for every school. Read additional information about the APS Safety Protocol.

This page was last updated on: January 14, 2010.