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APS Required Trainings

APS employees shall comply with the standards outlined in Federal Laws, State Laws, Board Policies, and Administrative Procedural Directives.

APS Required Trainings: SafeSchools 

APS is dedicated to helping students develop in safe and welcoming environments. That is why we are using the SafeSchools Online Training System. Every course is school-focused and written by a leading school safety expert. Trainings are continually updated to remain in compliance. 

Training Assignments

  • Trainings are assigned yearly.
  • Trainings are assigned upon hire or with a change to a different type of position.
  • Trainings are reset and reassigned every year at the beginning of the school year (July 1st).
  • Trainings should be completed within 30 days of their assignment.
  • Notification emails will be sent a few days prior to the reassignment of the training.

Training Deadlines

The SafeSchools system will email employees a detailed training plan with deadline dates. You can also check your transcript to see when you last completed your training (instructions are listed below).

Login to SafeSchools

  1. Using your web browser, go to the SafeSchools™ website for Albuquerque Public Schools.
  2. If you are logging on to SafeSchools directly from the APS site, enter your username (letter "e" followed by your six-digit APS employee ID number).
  3. If you are logging on to the Vector site directly and not via the Albuquerque site, they would enter the user id with For example,
  4. Trainings assigned to you will appear under the heading titled Mandatory Training.

Training Categories

  • Trainings that have been directly assigned to you will appear under the heading titled Mandatory Training.
  • Trainings listed under the heading of Additional Training are optional (unless your supervisor has requested you complete the training).
  • Extra Training is available to all employees.

Some of the Additional Trainings are actually MANDATORY.

The system cannot assign the courses below to an individual employee without assigning it to everyone in the same salary schedule. Review to see if you need to complete any of these trainings.

  • Anyone driving an APS vehicle: Defensive Driving.
  • Counselors, Social Workers: Crisis Response and Recovery.
  • Counselors, Social Workers: Threat Assessment.
  • Custodians: Fire Extinguisher Safety.
  • Science teachers: Science Lab Safety.

Complete a Training

  1. Click on the training title.
  2. Click on "Start Course."
  3. Watch the video segment (after the video finishes the segment will be marked as completed).
  4. Click on the next video segment.
  5. Continue until you have viewed all the video segments.
  6. Pass the quiz.

Printing or Checking your Transcript

  1. In the upper right hand corner, click on your account settings drop down arrow.
  2. Click on Training History.
  3. Change the date range as needed.
  4. Click on "Refresh List." 

Test Out

  • Users are given one chance to pass the quiz and "Test Out" of the course.
  • If the test is passed the course will be marked "Completed" but a training completion certificate will not be created.
  • If the "Test Out" is not passed the user needs click start course, watch all of the training videos and pass the quiz.

Completion Certificates

Do I need to provide completion certificates to my principal or supervisor? SafeSchools tracks course completions. Principals and supervisors can request access to view completion reports for employees assigned to their location.

Retaking a Course Before it is Assigned

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