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Licensure Renewals

Regarding Level 1 and 1A Licenses

Level 1 and 1A Licenses are nonrenewable except under special circumstances. Visit Licensure Advancement for more details.

Renewal FAQs

What You Need to Know About Renewals

  • Educators can start the renewal process 6 months prior to their license expiration beginning in January of expiration year. 
  • All Licenses are issued July 1st and expire June 30.
  • If you forgot your license number or when it expires use the NMPED License Lookup Tool

NMPED Accepts Online Renewals Only

Important – renewals by mail are no longer accepted, any documents received will be returned. Follow the steps below to complete your renewal.

  1. Fill out the Superintendent's Recommendation Form
  2. Then register for the new Online Licensure Portal – if you have not done so already. Here is a NMPED Quick Start Guide (PDF).
  3. DO NOT SUBMIT your Renewal Application until you have received your approval email from the APS Licensure Department. 
  4. The APS Licensure Department will provide the signed Superintendent's Recommendation form to you electronically. If you are not approved the APS Licensure Department will notify you directly as well as the NMPED.
  5. The Superintendent's Recommendation form is used to verify that you have met your competencies on your evaluations.

A Note About Obtaining Copies of Your License

The Licensure Bureau is no longer printing and mailing a copy of the educators license(s). Educators now have the ability to log into the Online Licensure Portal and print a copy of their license(s). Here is a link to show you How to Print My License(s)

How Much Do Renewals Cost?

Renewal fees are as follows:

  • Teacher/Instructional Support: $120
  • Administrator: $130
  • Support Provide: $50
  • Athletic Coach: $35


Renew same level license at Level 2 or 3; you can apply for a renewal 6 months prior to a license expiration date. 


Contact APS Human Resources Licensure by email at  or by phone at (505) 889-4846. Or come and visit us at 6400 Uptown NE, Suite 210E, Albuquerque, NM 87110.