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Enrollment and Disenrollment

Enrolling for Sick Leave Benefits

  • Any teacher shall be afforded the opportunity to enroll within sixty (60) days after beginning employment or within sixty (60) days of the beginning of any succeeding school year.
  • Part-time teachers shall be eligible for benefits on a pro-rata basis.
  • Once enrolled, membership will be for an entire school year.
  • Previously enrolled employees need not re-enroll.

New Enrollee Eligibility

Employees must be eligible for a Leave of Absence before being eligible for compensation benefits from the Sick Leave Bank (SLB).  Required criteria for approved Leave of Absence plus Sick Leave Compensation Benefits include:

  • Must have worked for APS for at least 12 months;
  • Must be covered under the respective negotiated agreement contract;
  • Must be a paying member of the Sick Leave Bank for greater than 90 days; and 
  • Must have an approved claim by the Sick Leave Bank Review Committee.

Learn more about applying for Sick Leave Bank benefits.

Disenrolling from Sick Leave Benefits

A request to withdraw from participation in the bank must be submitted to the Sick Leave Benefits Committee within ten (10) workdays of the first day of school of the following contract year, or during the open enrollment period during the month of September.