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Extended Leave General Information

Find information about Extended Leave prior notification, insurance, return to work, and types of leave.


  • While on an approved extended leave, an employee may not volunteer or perform any duties for APS or utilize APS property for personal use.
  • Turn in all APS property prior to the leave.
  • It is the employee’s responsibility to advise the principal/supervisor of the expected dates of the extended leave of absence.
  • It is a teacher’s or educational assistant’s responsibility to contact Substitute Services to obtain coverage for your position during the extended leave of absence.
  • If you fail to reinstate on or before the end of your extended leave, your pay will be stopped. Pay may not be processed by the next pay date following your reinstatement. Once reinstated, pay will be adjusted over the remaining portion of the contract pay dates. No manual checks for retroactive pay will be processed.

Prior Notification

Employees are to provide the Extended Leaves Office thirty (30) days notification prior to the commencement of the leave. This 30 day notification may be waived in case of a medical emergency situation. In a medical emergency situation, the employee must provide proper documentation as soon as feasibly possible. No third party photocopies or faxes accepted; medical documentation must be original or sent directly from the physician’s office via fax or mail.


Group insurance benefits (medical, dental, vision, LTD, flex spending, life) will continue provided the employee continues to make required premium payments to these plans. Failure to make such payments may result in the termination of benefits. The Response to Leave Request Letter will indicate the amount due and due date. If an employee chooses to drop medical benefits while on an extended leave of absence, benefits may be reinstated upon returning to work. Other benefits, such as retirement, 403(b), and 457(b) plans will be governed in accordance with the terms of each plan.

Returning to Work

  1. Email your "Letter of Intent" and "Medical Release Form" (as applicable) to your Leaves Specialist or to .
  2. Employee may return to work site only after reinstating with the Leaves Office.

Types of Leave

  • All leaves require Form A, plus any other documentation noted below.
  • All employees must come in-person to the Leaves Office for reinstatement.
  • Additional documentation is required prior returning to the work site
Table of types of leave.
Type of LeavePaid or UnpaidAdditional documentation required
Advanced Study Leave Unpaid
  • Acceptance letter from university, class schedule, statement page stating how study is related to subject matter being taught and how it is expected to enhance the abilities to teach or perform job duties.
  • *Grades from past semester (2nd semester of leave).
  • Official sealed transcript if in 2nd semester of leave.
Assault Leave Paid up to 20 days
  • APS or APD police report and medical documentation.
  • Release from health care provider.
Catastrophic Leave Employees NOT covered under a negotiated
agreement. Available accruals
used plus donated time
Domestic Violence Leave Employee: Available
accruals used;
Family Member: Unpaid
  • Police report OR court documentation
Illness in the Immediate
Family Leave
Limited to 3 days of
sick leave, and
personal/annual accruals
  • Family-Certification of Health Care Provider
Injury or Illness of Covered
Military Service Member
Limited to 3 days of
sick leave, and
personal/annual accruals
  • WH385
Intermittent Leave Employee: Available accruals used;
Family Member: Limited to 3 days
sick leave, and
personal/annual accruals
  • Employee-Certification of Health Care Provider OR Family-Certification of Health Care Provider
Medical Leave Available accruals used
  • Employee-Certification of Health Care Provider
  • Release from health care provider
Military Leave See Negotiated Agreement
  • Military Orders OR Commander’s Letter
Parental Leave
(Birth of Child)
Limited to 40 days of
sick leave, and
personal/annual accruals
  • Employee-Certification of Health Care Provider
  • Release from health care provider if prior to
    6-8 weeks from date of delivery
Parental Leave
Limited to 30 days of
sick leave, and
personal/annual accruals
  • Family-Certification of Health Care Provider OR 
    Legal Documentation of Adoption/Foster Care Placement
Part-time Leave A Schedule Employees only – Paid when working; Unpaid when not working
  • Statement Page
Personal Leave Unpaid
  • Statement Page
Political Leave See Negotiated Agreement
  • Confirmation of Appointment
Qualifying Exigency Unpaid
  • WH384
Union Leave Unpaid
Workers' Compensation Limited to available
sick time accruals only
  • Concentra Medical Document, (505) 830-8469.
  • Release from Health Care Provider