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Covid-19 Related Leave Guidance

COVID Leave Guidance for School Year 2022-2023. Updated as of August 2022.

Important – 
The Leave Request Form is in the process of being updated for 2022-2023.

To request a COVID-related Sick Leave (for yourself, or as a caregiver) 

  1. Read the COVID-related Leave Request Form instructions before filling out and submitting the COVID-related Leave Request Form.
  2. Complete the COVID-related Leave Request Form (PDF)
  3. Email completed PDF to your assigned Leaves Specialist or 

Employees are allowed a total of 10 days for themselves and/or as caregivers.

COVID leave is available this school year for COVID-related absences, similar to last year.

  • Employees are allowed a total of 10 days for themselves and/or as caregivers. After that, they must use sick, personal, annual, or unpaid leave.
  • Employees may apply for FMLA/extended medical leave of absence with the Extended Leave Office for COVID-related absences longer than 10 consecutive work days.
  • Employees may be allowed up to 12 totals work weeks of paid COVID leave for COVID- related child care.

Employee-only COVID-Related Events

Supervisors may approve up to 3 consecutive work days without a leave letter for the following employee-only COVID related events:

  • COVID-19 vaccine/booster adverse reactions
  • COVID-19-related quarantine events
    • Important: for more than 3 consecutive work days, these should immediately be referred to the Extended Leaves Office
  • NOT covered: vaccine/booster appointments

Supervisors: When to Refer Employees to Extended Leaves

Supervisors should refer employees to email Extended Leaves for the following COVID-related issues:

  • COVID-related event that lasts more than 3 consecutive work days
  • All COVID events involving family members
  • COVID-related child care needs

Contact Information

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