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Annual Leave

Talk to your supervisor to request permission to use Annual Leave. For more information about Annual Leave, contact Payroll at (505) 872-6880.

Accruing Annual Leave

  • Full-time employees and part-time employees working a contract year of 248 days or more are eligible to accrue paid vacation on a pro-rated basis. Vacation hours begin accruing on your hire date.
  • Full-time employees receive periods of annual leave ranging from 10 to 22 working days per year depending upon the length of service and employment.
  • Employees are encouraged to use their vacation time off.
  • Vacation will accrue until the employee has reached a maximum of 66 days. No employee will be allowed to accrue vacation leave beyond the District's specified maximum.

Payment for Unused Annual Leave

  • At the time of termination of employment, the employee may receive up to 22 days pay for unused vacation.

Requesting Annual Leave

  • Vacation time off must be authorized by your supervisor in writing. Your supervisor has the responsibility to maintain adequate staffing levels and has the authority to limit the approval of vacation requests in order to meet operational needs.
Annual or Personal leave cannot be applied if the illness or injury is covered by workers' compensation insurance.