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Advance Study Leave

Applying for Advance Study Leave

The Process

Applying for Advance Study Leave Flowchart

The Forms

These leaves are applied for and approved in the Human Resources Leaves Office, 6400 Uptown Blvd. NE, Suite 210 East.

All paperwork must be original.  No third party faxes.

APS may grant an Advanced Study/Educational Leave without pay for up to one (1) year to employees who have been actively employed by APS for at least three (3) continuous years preceding the request for this Leave. This Leave is approved one semester at a time; extension is dependent up on the employee passing the previous semester's courses.

  • Leave for online courses will not be approved
  • See individual negotiated agreements for eligibility requirements
  • Employees not covered under a negotiated agreement must be pre-approved for this Leave by the Supervisor and Superintendent Designee

If granted the Leave, the employee must show proof of advanced study by submitting to the Extended Leaves Office an official sealed transcript indicating the earned credit hours each semester.  Refer to your Negotiated Agreement for exact hours needed per semester.

a. No less than six (6) semester hours per semester (or equivalent), or

b. Fifteen (15) semester hours per year (or equivalent),

c. If this Leave is extended, the above requirements must be met for each semester of leave.

Extended Leaves Policy

All leaves of ten (10) consecutive work days or less must be requested through and approved by the employee’s principal or supervisor.

Extended leave of more than ten (10) consecutive days, with or without pay, must be requested through the Human Resources Leaves Office. Employees must complete the required Leave Forms and receive the necessary approval before the leave requested may be taken.

While on an approved leave, the employee:

  • May not volunteer or perform any duties for the APS District
  • May not utilize APS property for personal use
  • Must turn in all APS equipment (keys, laptop, etc.) prior to the start date