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Cooperating Teachers

Each semester, APS educators volunteer to serve as Cooperating Teachers, hosting student teachers in their classrooms. Cooperating Teachers provide assistance in classroom management, pedagogy, content delivery and teaching strategies.

Contact Information

District Coordinator for  Field Services

Physical Address:
6400 Uptown Blvd. NE
Suite 200 East
Albuquerque 87110 Map

Phone: (505)872-6816                   Fax: (505) 889-4883

Cooperating teachers should:

  • Possess in-depth knowledge of the subjects being taught, teaching methods and strategies and be considered an effective teacher.
  • Have three or more years experience in APS and hold a level 2 licensure. In the case of a most effective teacher or in special cases and projects, this requirement may be waived.
  • Indicate an interest in working with and helping university students.
  • Possess supervisory ability. Formal course work in supervision is desirable but not required.
  • Cooperating teachers should be approved by the school principal.

 If you meet the criteria and are interested in serving as a Cooperating Teacher, please notify your school Principal and e-mail the district coordinator for field services to inquire about opportunities.