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Information for Vendors

Purchase Order Process

Albuquerque Public Schools wants to ensure that vendors follows the procurement processes in doing business with the School District.

  • An approved purchase order document issued by the Procurement Department is required prior to fulfilling any request.
  • Approved purchase orders are issued solely by the Procurement Department and a verbal order or your company order confirmation is a non-binding order.
  • If District Staff does not provide a Purchase Order document, do not supply or deliver the services requested. Failure to obtain a valid Purchase Order document prior to order fulfillment may result in non-payment.
  • Accounts Payable will not process an invoice for payment without a current and valid Purchase Order number referenced on the invoice.

Vendor Quick Links

About Vendor Quick Links

  • Register with the Vendor Registry: Vendors, you must first register with Vendor Registry – on their website – in order to receive email notifications of new APS Bid and RFP (Request for Proposal) solicitations.

    Note: Registering with Vendor Registry does not give you a Lawson Vendor Number. Learn more about Lawson Vendor Numbers.

  • Download Current Bids and RFPs: You can download current Bid and RFP packets on our website.
  • Search the Commodity Listing: Need to contact someone at APS about a particular contract? Check the Commodity Listing to find your buyer.