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Procuring Professional Development/Professional Services Guide

This guide contains information for procuring professional development and/or professional services. All documentation including a fully signed APS Professional Services Agreement and approved purchase order must be issued prior to any services provided.

An APS Professional Service Agreement is utilized for contracting for professional development/professional services, a vendor provided agreement or contract will not be considered.

Depending on the funds utilized (Operational or Grant) for purchase, multiple quotes from multiple vendors may be required. Please check with Procurement Office for thresholds.

APS has many subject matter experts and consideration should be made for in-house training from APS staff.

Requesting schools and departments must obtain the following information:

  • What are the services?
  • How are services provided? How performance is measured (deliverables)?
  • Who is providing the services?
  • What are the roles and responsibilities for contractor? For APS?
  • When are services provided?
  • Where are services provided?
  • How much do services cost?

The following information should be documented in a written proposal from the vendor. The vendor written proposal shall be incorporated into APS Professional Service Agreement.

The requesting school or department should review to ensure written vendor proposal is accurate and is based on APS requested services.

  1. What are the services?
    • Be specific, clear, explanatory
    • Describe in detail what contractor is being paid to do
    • Use clear terminology and language
  2. How are services provided?
    • List tasks in chronological order; Agenda (s)
    • Expand to list steps necessary to achieve tasks
    • Outline the component of the program/service
    • On-site workshops; webinar; face to face
  3. How performance is measured? Deliverables
    • Numbers served
    • List of activities
    • Results and/or analysis
    • Reports about service delivery
    • Achievement of performance measurement
  4. Who is performing the service?
    • Specific individual who will be providing the service
    • If a company or firm, list specific employee
  5. What are the roles and responsibilities for contractor and APS?
    • Define roles and responsibilities
    • Define key assumptions
    • Define if Vendor background check or fingerprinting is applicable
  6. When are services provided?
    • Specific beginning and end
    • Specific date and time period
    • Schedule
    • Milestones
    • Timelines
  7. Where are service provided?
    • Specific location(s) where service will be provided
  8. How much do services cost?
    • Provide cost of service – price is negotiable Rate of pay must consider the following factors:
      1. The level and difficulty of the work to be performed
      2. The qualifications of the contractor or consultant
      3. The cost of comparable individuals performing similar work
      4. The availability of qualified candidates
    • Provide travel costs – (not to exceed GSA federal per diem rates)
    • Provide cost of related materials or incidentals
Please contact the Procurement Department if you require assistance.