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APS Still Accepting Deliveries

Please contact the school or department to make arrangements. APS schools and departments are continuing to accept deliveries from shipping carriers including UPS, FedEX and USPS despite the statewide closing of schools. Vendors and shippers are encouraged to communicate with schools and departments to arrange and confirm delivery dates and times.

Our mission is to provide for the fair and equal treatment of all persons involved in public procurement, to maximize the purchasing value of public funds, and to provide safeguards for maintaining a system of quality and integrity.

Contact Information

Mailing Address:
Albuquerque Public Schools Procurement Department P.O. Box 25704 Albuquerque, NM, 87125 *For all USPS First Class and Priority deliveries

Physical Address:
6400 Uptown Blvd. NE Suite 500 E Albuquerque, NM, 87110 *For all Hand Carry or Express Carrier deliveries Map

Phone: (505) 881-8415

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Attention: Coronavirus Update

Due to the recent development of the COVID-19 virus in New Mexico and guidance from the Governor, Bids and Proposals must be submitted electronically via Vendor Registry by required date and time as noted on Bid/RFP documents.

Note for Construction RFPs: Vendor Registry Submission is not to be used for construction RFPs. Construction RFPs will follow the same submittal requirements and delivery to APS Procurement Office.

Vendor Registry

Important Information

Albuquerque Public Schools Online Bidding System (Vendor Registry) utilizes the Internet and the World Wide Web which is comprised of systems that are completely out APS’s control including but not limited to: the District, its agents, and registered suppliers' respective internet service providers.  The District and its agents are not responsible for Internet outages, hardware failures, software failures, downtime, internet slowness, acts of God, power failures, and or user errors.  All bids/proposals must be submitted before the due date regardless of your organization's ability to submit proposals online.  It is the suppliers' responsibility to ensure that Bid/RFP offers arrive before the due date and time.

Proposers understand and agree that technical support may not be readily available the day of and or the hours/minutes prior to a bid closing time (Due Date/Time).  Proposers also understand and agree that internet access, browsers, and operating systems are not supported by the District and/or its agents.  Suppliers are strongly encouraged to review, create, and submit all electronic bid responses several days in advance of the due date and time.

If you have any questions, contact the Buyer listed on the Bid/RFP documents for assistance.


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