Fast Facts

Schools 2018-2019
School TypeAmount
Elementary 88
Middle 28
High 22
K-8th Grade 4
Number of Traditional Schools 142
Special Education Centers 3
Charter Schools: APS Authorized 29
Charter Schools: State Authorized 26
Total Number of Albuquerque Schools 200
Student Enrollment 2017-2018
(80 Day Enrollment)
School TypeAmount
Elementary 39,126
Middle 16,752
High 23,136
K-8th Grade 2,231
Pre-K / Early Childhood 934
Traditional School Enrollment 82,179
Charter Schools - APS Authorized 7,107
Total APS Enrollment 89,286
Budget 2018-2019
Budget ItemAmount
Operational Fund $702.3 Million
Transportation Fund $19.8 Million
Transportation Enterprise Fund $2.7 Million
Instructional Materials Fund $5.2 Million
Athletics Funds $2.4 Million
Food Services Fund $65.2 Million
Grant Funds $112.3 Million
Capital Funds $395.8 Million
Debt Service Fund $151 Million
KANW Enterprise Fund $721 Thousand
Graphics Enterprise Fund $434 Thousand
Facilities Enterprise Fund $589 Thousand
Self Insurance Reserve Fund $137.2 Million
Construction Services Fund $7.7 Million
Grand Total
$1.6 Billion

Interesting Facts

How much does it cost to run APS?
$1.6 Billion
What is the current Graduation Rate?
69.6% for the Class of 2018
What is the total under roof square footage used by APS?
1,200 square miles with 13 million square feet of instructional space
How many ESL students are there in APS?
14,000 students (about 17%) speak a language other than English at home
How many SPED students are there in APS?
14,500 students (about 17%) have disabilities. APS serves a disproportionate number of SPED students compared to other districts and charter schools in the state because Albuquerque is a hub for services
How many employees work for APS?
APS is the largest employer in Albuquerque, providing full-time jobs for more than 12,000 people including 6,000 teachers
What percentage of all construction in Albuquerque was tied to APS during the recession?
What is the number of meals APS school cafeterias serve to students each day?
What is the total square footage of Cafeteria and Kitchen used by APS?
686,336 Square Feet
How many miles to APS buses travel to get students to and from school?
39,000 each day, that's 6 million miles a year, or 240 trips to the moon

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