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Transportation for Pre-K

Families of PreK students will drive the student to and from school daily. Bus transportation is provided to those students who have special needs, Section 504, or meet the requirement of McKinney-Vento Law.

  • All special transportation for PreK students will be provided according to terms identified in a student's Individualized Education Plan (IEP), 504, or service plan.
  • Communication between a student's school bus driver and their parent/guardian is encouraged so that the student's plan is implemented effectively.
  • Transportation forms must include all information to ensure safe transportation of students.

Transportation FAQs

Will my child have the same driver every day?

Your child may have different drivers for the morning pick up and afternoon drop off, but every effort is made to ensure that the same driver serves the same students each day.

To whom should I report my address or telephone number change?

The school should be contacted as soon as possible with address or telephone number change information.

Why wasn’t I called when the bus was late?

Some of the situations that cause lateness include traffic and road conditions, weather, vehicle breakdowns or a prior bus route being late. Because the district operates nearly 500 buses, it is virtually impossible to contact parents when the bus is slightly late. When a school bus contractor advises the APS Student Transportation Office that one of their buses will be running late, we will contact the school administration office.

Are bus drivers employed by APS?

Yes, some drivers are employed by APS while others are privately held bus companies. APS contracts with 10 bus companies to provide transportation. The district can request that a driver be removed from a route, but employment decisions are left to the bus companies. Please report any issues regarding drivers to APS Student Transportation Services, and they will work with the company to resolve the situation.

Bus Cancellations/Delayed Starts

In the event that it becomes necessary to delay the start of a school day due to weather, or other circumstances, Albuquerque Public Schools is implementing a standardized procedure to cover a “Delayed Start Announcement”.

Should it be necessary to implement a delayed start, Albuquerque Public Schools officials will send a school wide phone call through School Messenger and will contact the local media sources and inform them to broadcast that “Albuquerque Public Schools will be on a delayed start of school”. 

In the event of a delay, APS Special Ed Preschool programs will be cancelled due to not being a full day program. 

This announcement will trigger the following predetermined actions:

All APS Pre-K Staff will report two (2) hours later than their normal reporting time.

Educational Field Trips

Students must ride the bus to and from the venue of the trip. Family members who are part of the field trip must ride the bus also. Any family member without an approved background check will not be allowed to participate with their child on the school sponsored educational trip

This page was last updated on: October 26, 2020.