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Preschool and Pre-K Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about APS Preschool? Find Frequently Asked Questions about APS Preschool programs, registration, enrollment, and more.

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If you don't see your question on here and need further information please give us a call at (505) 253-0320 or you can fill out our Early Childhood Information Request.

Registration Questions

How do I register for APS Preschool and Pre-K programs?

You can register through ParentVue.

How do I register for next school year?

Registration for next school year 2024-2025 is March 22, 2024, for Preschool - 12th grade. You will need to choose the 2024-2025 school year to complete your preschool registration. If you accidentally choose the wrong year, you'll nee to do the registration over again with the right year.

What if I already registered for Preschool for next year?

Unfortunately, when registration opens up on March 22, 2024, you will have to resubmit your registration if it is not the right year.

What if I do not resubmit for next school year? Won't my child's registration just rollover to next school year?

Unfortunately, registration from the current school year does not rollover to the next school year. Not resubmitting can potentially loose your spot and put you on a waiting list for openings in the preschool program.

I checked my registration for a status update and my status still says "waiting" what does this mean?

This means that we could not find a program of PreK within the area of town they live that had any openings. The child is waitlisted for an opening.

How do I request a transfer for Kindergarten?

You will need to go to Student Transfer and request a transfer through this link. If you have any questions their number is 505-855-9040 or 505-855-9050 or email them at Preschool/PreK does not handle K-5th grade transfers.

Enrollment Questions

How old does my child need to be in APS Pre-K?

Your child must be age 4 prior to September 1st.

There are exceptions if your child has an IEP. If your child as an IEP then special education will place your child in a school. If you'd like your child evaluated for an IEP reach out to Child Find.

If your child turns for after September 1st they will need go to Pre-K the next year even if they turn 4 during the current school year. 

What APS schools offer Preschool and Pre-K programs? And which one is closest to me?

Please visit Schools with APS Preschool. You will find a list of APS schools that offer preschool programs with their contact information. You can also see if the Pre-K classroom is FULL or has spots open. You can also visit Find my School to see a map of the exact locations of these schools, to determine which school is closest to you. Please note not all APS schools offer preschool programs when looking at Find my School map. 

My Elementary School does not have an APS Pre-K program. How do I get my child enrolled at another school for Pre-K?

The APS Pre-K program is a grant from the NMPED where we first must meet the requirement of serving at least 70% of children from the location of the school. If there is space available we go to the waitlist of families wanting their child to attend at that location. Reach out to the Early Childhood Department.

Are there any virtual/Online Pre-K programs with APS?

Unfortunately, there are no Online or hybrid Pre-K programs offered with APS. All programs are in person.

However, there is an online/virtual program to homeschool for Pre-K through Waterford Upstart. Please visit for more information.

How do I get my child evaluated for special education services?

The Pre-K program does support and enroll children with an IEP. You need to go through Child Find for more information email or call the child find office (505) 855-9930.


What does P1 and P2 mean?

P1 and P2 is reserved for special education students. P1 are special education students who are three and going to repeat Preschool. P2 are special education students who are four and moving to Kindergarten the next year.

Transportation Questions

Do you offer transportation for NM Pre-K students?

Unfortunately, APS does not provide transportation for NM Pre-K students. However, APS does provide transportation for special education students and special education will set that up for the student.