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Transition Services

Introduction to Transition Services and its programs for middle school, high school, and post high school (18 to 22-year-olds).

Middle and High School Services

Transition Services provide support and guidance for students who have not completed the high school portion of their program of study. The program of study is developed at an IEP meeting while considering educational and career assessments, student interests and the educational needs of the student. A Transition Specialist supports middle school and high school staff in the development and implementation of each student's transition plan.

Transition Specialists are assigned to every high school and alternative school. Their major responsibilities include:

  • coordinating the transition planning process for students at the high school and feeder middle schools
  • providing transition information and technical assistance to school staff, families, and students
  • coordinating with, and referring students to, appropriate adult service agencies

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Post High School Programs for 18 to 22-year-olds

Transition Services' Post High School Programs serve students who have completed the high school portion of their program of study, yet continue to have transition needs in the areas of employment, post-secondary education/training, independent living and community connections.

The Post High School Transition Program is community-based and operates as a component of the APS Schools of Choice.

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