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Maggie Price- Administrative Assistant (APS)

Maggie Price is the administrative assistant at the Sandia Mountain Natural History Center, employed by Albuquerque Public Schools.

SMNHC admin assistant Maggie Price on trail with mountains in the background

About Maggie

Maggie has been the admin. assistant at SMNHC since 2021. She moved to New Mexico from Virginia a few years before joining the staff here, and does not miss the humidity or the mosquitoes. 

Maggie has held a wide variety of jobs, from vet tech to managing a brewery to retail, and is very excited about working at a natural history center.

Maggie is always learning more about the environment around her, and is constantly teaching herself more about the New Mexican flora and fauna specifically. When she's not at work, she likes to do fiber arts, cook, walk her dogs, and learn about other parts of the world, especially through their foods.

Maggie can be contacted about scheduling school programs or with general questions at or by calling (505) 281-5259 x0.