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Fiana Shapiro - Instructional Coordinator (NMMNHS)

Fiana Shapiro is an environmental educator employed by the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science.

SMNHC Educator Fiana Shapiro on trail pointing at the SMNHC buildings

"Our instructor, Fiana, was fantastic!" 

"My class had the privilege to have Ms. Fiana as our guide/teacher today. The class was engaged and totally engrossed in the experience. All students expressed that it was a wonderful day."

About Fiana

Fiana joined the SMNHC in 2014 as an instructor for the Ecology Field Program and science coordinator.

Fiana is originally from the Chicago area and holds a degree in Environmental Studies from Northeastern Illinois University.  She has worked in 9 states (+ Borneo) as an environmental educator, interpreter, and wildlife researcher since 2007.   

Fiana has done everything from wading through ponds counting salamander egg masses, to scouring the desert for signs of bighorn sheep and tortoises, to teaching about, caring for, and releasing sea turtles; to leading programs about ecology, animals, and more.  

She was most recently a park ranger and environmental educator at Acadia National Park in Maine, before moving to New Mexico to work at the SMNHC.    

Fiana teaches programs at the Center, on outreach around the state, and participates in special events. She conducts scientific research projects and manages the website and social media.  She is also a certified Wilderness First Responder.   

Fiana can be contacted regarding scientific research, social media, and this website at  or by calling (505) 281-5259 x4.