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Work Orders

Online Ordering with Marketplace Direct Storefront is now available!

Our work order process for the specific items below...

  • Stationery
  • District Forms
  • Curriculum
  • Agendas/Calendars, and
  • APS Approved Logos

...has been changed. All of these items are now available via our online portal. Simply click link below and welcome to a new ordering experience.

All other print job request still follow the work order submission process, Please review available options below and download the appropriate Work Order. Work Orders may be submitted via email, faxed or sent through inter office mail.

Important: Due to budget constraints; a P.O. number is required in order to process an internal printing request. Production cycle will begin once a P.O. is received.

Before you your PDF print-ready?

At Graphic Enterprise Services (GES), we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality print product. In order to achieve this:

  • All print files submitted should be attached/uploaded as PDF's
  • All photos should be submitted as .jpg's (minimum 300dpi)
  • Files submitted in their native format (i.e. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) may encounter a design change when GES converts to PDF due to font or improperly embedded image files. We therefore request that you export/save as your file to a pdf to avoid any such situation.
  • Download our "Is your PDF Print-Ready?" for a quick reference guide to aid you in your file preparation.

Is your PDF Print-Ready Quick Guide (PDF)

Work Order Downloads

  • Some requests (at this time), are unavailable on our Storefront. For such print requests,work orders are available for you to download. Once downloaded and with fields populated, these work orders can be automatically submitted via email by clicking the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the fillable PDF work order. See list below for items requiring a work order for process.
  • If you encounter any problems submitting, you may print work order and email to or fax to (505) 842-3552.
  • For BEST results use Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer web browser. If using Google Chrome you'll need to disable the Chrome PDF plug-in to have the Adobe program open the PDFs.
Print, Copy, Graphic Design Work Orders
Form No.Form Title
AD12a Print, Copy, Graphic Design Work Order Form (PDF)
Additional Work Orders
Form No.Form Title
AD14 Special Education/Unique Learners Work Order Form (pdf)
GES-ES1 Ethnic Studies Print Request Work Order Form (PDF)
GES-PS1 Postage Stamps Work Order (PDF)


Questions? Please call (505) 842-3696