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APS Logos

APS Logo Trademark

The Official APS logo is a registered trademark with the U.S. Patent Office as well as the State of New Mexico and must appear as indicated below. The logo must appear on all materials produced in or about the district. No reproductions or alterations of the APS logo are permitted.

For Questions or More Information

For questions regarding the APS logo trademark, contact Nic Lueras, Lead Graphic Designer, by email at .

APS Logo Downloads

Logos are now available for download on our online portal. Click link below (see APS Logos and Mascots Digital Downloads) to access all official and approved APS logos. Each logo type is saved in multiple formats for individualized usage in any application you will require.

StoreFront Online Ordering Portal

APS Logo Guidelines

  • The Official APS logo or one of its approved derivations must appear on all publications produced by every school or department within the district.
  • The APS Logo is the strongest graphic identifier of the District's brand and reputation.
  • Computer images of the APS logo are available from GES for any APS department or school to use on their materials.

Approved Colors

The logo may be used in the following colors:

  • Black
  • White (against a colored background)
  • Pantone 072 blue
  • Pantone 187 red (used only in combination with the Logotype in Pantone 072 blue)

These color guidelines must be adhered to for all uses of the logo, including signage, electronic materials, printing on tote bags, T-shirts, vehicle identification, PowerPoint presentation, and all printed documents.

Logo Placement

The logo must be used as shown in all APS materials and may not be superseded or bounded by any other text or graphics. There are no standards for its placement other than the logo must be prominent and visible.

Logo with the District Logotype

The name “Albuquerque Public Schools” may appear on the side or underneath the logo, and versions of the logo with approved usage of the text are also available.

District Logotype Guidelines

The logotype appears:

  • In the typeface "Semi bold Italic Stone Sans", with all capital letters
  • As only one color of either:
    • Black (with a black logo)
    • White (with a white logo on a black background), or
    • Pantone 072 blue (with either a Pantone 072 blue logo or a Pantone 187 red logo)
  • Alongside the Logo to the right, spaced along the top edge
  • Underneath the logo