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Mail Center

The district mail center is operated out of the GES main office and handles all incoming and outgoing daily mail for each unit of the district.

We also sort through and deliver thousands of units of inter-office mail and run a full 5 day delivery schedule. This includes delivery of paychecks and free delivery of all GES print, copy, bindery, and graphic design jobs.

916 Oak Street SE • (505) 842-3698 •

The Mail Center handles all:

  • Interoffice mail
  • Bulk mailings
  • Non-profit mailings
  • First class mailings

Printable Mail Center Flyer (PDF)

Steps for bulk mailings:

  1. Call (505) 842-3660 for best method and time to schedule mailing.
  2. Bring or send via interoffice mail an example of mail piece and content of mailing to GES to verify non-profit or first class status. Get approval and type of mailing from GES.
  3. On approval, order mailing labels from Data Center using an AD-19 form. Be sure to order the labels in zip code order.
  4. Get supplies from GES (Mail Center): Mail trays, labels, zip count sheet, etc.
  5. Label mailing with labels from Data Center keeping in zip code order. Seal all envelopes.
  6. Put in zip code order in mail trays.
  7. Calculate total count with breakdown of 871, 870, and 875 zip codes. Put all other zip codes in order together.

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