The Print Shop

912-A Oak Street • phone: 842-3696 • fax: 842-3552

The Print Shop

The Print Shop at GES is a fully equipped printing facility that can handle all of the print needs of the APS District. The Print Shop works directly with the Design Center to make sure our customers get quality products. Some of our extensive array of products and services include:

PRINTING                   SPECIALTY             FINISHING

• State/District Mandated Material             • Magnets                                         • Coil Bound
• B/W Copies                                             • Door Hangers                                • Three Hole Punch
• Color Copies                                           • School Newspaper                        • Booklets
• Flyers                                                      • Activity Wrist Bands                       • Folded Brochures
• Brochures                                               • Parking Passes                              • Foam Core Mounting
• Business Cards                                      • Agendas                                         • Packing
• Large Media                                           • Desk Calendars                              • Delivery
• Banners                                                  • NCR Forms                                       and much more...
• Posters                                                   • School Event Invitations
• Photo-Tex                                           
• Envelopes
• Post Cards

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