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APS Document Remediation Service

Graphics Enterprises Services offers a remediation service to remediate a limited number of PDF documents created by APS employees.

Individuals, departments, and schools at APS can apply to remediate highly visible, high-impact, multiple use, and/or strategic PDF documents. Examples include:

  • Documents for meetings and presentations (i.e. Powerpoints, digital handouts)
  • Documents for public use/media on high-use websites (i.e. Covid updates, newsletters)
  • Documents that will be referenced by multiple people (i.e. SOPs, guidelines, plans)
  • Financial, legal, and health documents (i.e. benefits package guide, payroll schedule)
  • Other documents used my multiple individuals, Departments, or classes

If you are interested in submitting one or more documents for consideration, please complete the Document Remediation Request Form.


Any APS staff member is eligible to apply for remediation of one or more PDFs as long as the PDFs are owned/authored by APS. Highest priority are PDFs that have a high impact (as defined above).

Creating Accessible Documents

When creating content, there are a few basic steps that should be followed in order to assure your content is accessible. The core steps needed for accessibility are the same regardless of whether your document is in HTML, Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, or another document format:

  • Use headings
  • Use lists
  • Use meaningful hyperlinks
  • Add alternate text to images
  • Identify document language
  • Use tables wisely
  • Understand how to export from one format to another

Accessibility Training

Document Remediation Services is available to provide basic technical support or training to staff who wish to create accessible electronic documents. For more comprehensive and in-depth training options, visit the APS Accessibility Training page.

This page was last updated on: November 10, 2020.