District Forms

AS OF 09/15/2015 -  The warehouse will no longer provide schools with the forms listed below. APS Graphics Enterprise Services (GES) in now handling Form Ordering, Printing, and Delivery.

For more Information please contact us at:
APS Graphics Enterprise Services
912A Oak Street SE 87106 | 505.842.3696

Fax 505.842.3552


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Please note that each item ordered must be accompanied by a GES Work Order. Click below to download a GES Work Oder.


After completing above form, hit the submit button to send to GES. Work Order will be submitted to:

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Form NameForm #Quantity
Request for Leave AC-04 50 per package
Voucher Jacket AC-13 100 per pad
Admit Slips APS-40 100 per pad
Cumulative Folder CG-02 50 per package
Academic Card CG-03 50 per package
Req. for Cumulative Folder CG-04 50 per package
Comment Record Card CG-09 50 per pad
Test Record Card TG-55 50 per package
Mileage Location to Location AD-94 50 per pad
Mileage Odometer AD-95 50 per pad


Form NameForm #Quantity
Hall Passes APS-36 50 per pad
Attendance Slips APS-41 100 per pad

Permission to

Participate (English)

APS-49 50 per pad

Permission to

Participate (Spanish

APS-49 50 per pad

AFPO Bundles

AFPO and AFPOR 200 of each form