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Procurement Guidelines

Updated September 11, 2014

For local use only, limit of $500.00 or $1,000.00 depending on location, for occasional supply purchases.

For local use only, limit $1,000.00 for occasional supply purchases only (no equipment, services, PC, laptop, software, or licenses purchases using a SPO).

Purchase Order:
Used for the local purchase of goods and services that exceed $1,000.00 or out of town purchases of any amount or for the purchase of equipment or services. Quote or bid requirements may apply (see below).

Check Request:
Limit is $2,000.00, should be rarely used by schools. Normally used for some small purchases involving telecommunications, travel, and other miscellaneous purchases where an invoice is already in hand.

Professional Services Form (PSA):
For use with purchase orders for services under $60,000.00 or professional services under $60,000.00. Utilized to ensure IRS reporting to individuals, background check if access to students, expanded scope of work if necessary.  This form is not a requirement although the issue of contact with students needs to be determined.

Three quotes are required for orders between $10,000.00 and $59.999.99.  Schools can utilize quotes for lesser amounts if desired. The using school or department is responsible for attaining quotes.

Formal process required for purchases of goods and services or professional services over $60,000.00.  Formal bids are performed by the procurement department.

Request for Proposals (RFP):
Formal process used for service purchases over $60,000.00, including professional services. RFP’s are performed by the procurement department.

Existing Contracts (Price Agreements (PA’s, other):
APS procurement has performed many bids and RFP’s for usage by schools and departments. Utilizing the associated contracts ensures discounts on pricing, allows for purchases without performing quotes or bids, and hastens the procurement process in many cases. The P-Card, SPO, and purchase orders can be utilized with vendors who hold existing contracts.  In addition, many contracts from other public entities can be utilized.


Procurement policies are required and are in adherence with state law.

Splitting of orders to avoid dollar limitations for forms (as stated above) violates state law.

The placing of orders verbally and without a purchase order approved by the procurement department is inappropriate and in many cases, illegal.

The procurement department is listed on the APS website. At the bottom of the APS home page is a department link, select procurement. Some information includes buyers and their commodities and contact information, current Price Agreements (PA’s) for vendors having contracts with APS, and other miscellaneous information.

If unsure, especially for high dollar purchases, please contact the procurement department for clarification before proceeding.