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Food Purchase and Travel

Food purchases are prohibited. All travel requests need cabinet member approval, rather than Superintendent approval. Last updated July 6, 2021

To: Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) Staff
From: Tami J Coleman, Chief Financial Officer
Re: Food Purchases and Travel

Food Purchases

Please consider this email memo as notification and a reminder that food purchases are prohibited. This includes requisition, reimbursement, and p-card purchases for meetings, working lunches, and trainings. This topic was discussed at the APS Cabinet meeting on September 20, 2017, and so the District's leadership is also aware of these restrictions. 


  1. Any meal purchases during District-approved overnight travel that comply with the New Mexico Per Diem and Mileage Act will still be allowed.
  2. Parent Involvement meetings funded through Title 1 or another pre-approved grant.
  3. Food purchased with Homeless Grant funding
  4. Food/meals for students: e.g., Athletics, ROTC, Homework Diner, Activity Funds
  5. Meals provided by sponsors are always welcome. Please be sure and note the sponsor on the agenda for your meeting and thank them publicly for their contribution.
  6. Coffee, water, and light snacks can be provided for meetings lasting a half-day or longer. Please provide the meeting agenda and sign-in sheet.
  7. Requests to purchase food outside of the guidelines listed on this memo must be submitted on the Request to Purchase Food e-form to the Executive Director for Budget or the Chief Financial Officer. Invoices for food purchased without this prior-approved document will be denied and will be the financial responsibility of the individual person who made the purchase.

Request to Purchase Food Form (PDF)


Effective immediately, all travel requests need cabinet member approval rather than the Superintendent's approval. Travel restrictions have been removed, but all travel requested will be presented to the Superintendent's Cabinet for discussion and approval, regardless of funding source.

Requests for Travel Information