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Appropriate Use of Check Request

Allowable and non-allowable uses of check requests. Updated July 6, 2021.

Allowable Uses of Check Request

The check request process is primarily used for the following type of purchases:

  • License Fees/Permit Fees/Annual Filing Fees
  • License Fees/Permit Fees/Annual Filing Fees
  • Notary Public application fees to the State of New Mexico
  • Payments for U.S. Postal Service for postage and meter refills
  • Reimbursements
  • Prior approval from Executive Director of Procurement/Accounts payable or designee purchases on a case by case basis.


  • A Purchase Order physical paper document is not generated when entering a check request and a physical paper document will not be sent to the vendor.
  • Invoices from vendors must be sent to Accounts Payable in order to obtain a check. Accounts Payable staff will not retrieve the vendor invoice from Attach It.

Non-Allowable Use of Check Request

The following are non-allowable uses of the check request process:

  • Payment for a purchase that is subject to competition, state procurement code law or APS procurement policies.
  • Payment for books from distributors (Barnes & Noble, Scholastic, etc.).
  • Payment to external bus contractors.
  • Payment for goods/items – any amount.
  • Payment for services of any type at any amount.
  • Payment for supplies (office supplies, classroom supplies, janitorial supplies etc.).
  • Payment to pay an invoice that does not have an approved purchase order.
  • Payment for supplies or services that have already been provided without an approved purchase order.


Do not instruct vendors to deliver goods or services until obtaining an approved purchase order from the Procurement Department.