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Appropriate Use of Check Request

  • A Purchase Order physical paper document is not generated when entering a check request and a physical paper document will not be sent to the vendor.
  • Invoices from vendors must be sent to Accounts Payable in order to obtain a check. Accounts Payable staff will not retrieve the vendor invoice from Attach It.

Primary Use of Check Requests

The check request process is primarily used for the following type of purchases:

  • License Fees/Permit Fees/Annual Filing Fees
  • Notary Public application fees to the State of New Mexico
  • Payments for electrical, plumbing, and gas licenses for APS Maintenance and Operations employees as required by job description and approved by APS Maintenance and Operations
  • Payments for U.S. Postal. Service for postage and meter refills
  • Refunds
  • Reimbursements
  • Prior approval from Executive Director of Procurement/Accounts payable or designee for any other purchases on a case by case basis.

Prohibited Use of Check Requests

The following are prohibited uses of the check request process:

  • Payment for a purchase that is subject to competition, state procurement code law or APS procurement policies.
  • Payment for books from distributors (Barnes & Noble, Scholastic, etc.).
  • Payment to external bus contractors.
  • Payment for furniture or equipment—any amount.
  • Payment for services of any type at any amount.
  • Payment for supplies (office supplies, classroom supplies, janitorial supplies etc.).
  • Payment to pay an invoice that does not have an approved purchase order.
  • Payment for supplies or services that have already been provided without an approved purchase order.

Note: Do not instruct vendors to deliver goods or services until obtaining an approved purchase order from the Procurement Department.