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Background Checks for Providers

Agency providers who have agreements through APS and Student, Family, and Community Supports must follow this process to complete their background checks.

Need Help?

Contact SFCS Background Program Support at or by phone at (505) 830-6240 if you have questions or need assistance.

About This Process

This process is for agency and independent providers with agreements through APS and Student, Family, and Community Supports (SFCS) Division: 

  • Mental health providers
  • Nursing and counseling interns
  • Before/after-school providers

Getting Started

Step 1: Start the Provider Application Process

Email the following information to

  • Provider/Volunteer Name
  • Date of birth
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Street address/Zip Code
  • Last 4 digits of social security number
  • Job Title
  • Agency
  • APS School location(s) you will be providing services in

SFCS will fill out an application for a provider/volunteer and submit it for processing.

Step 2: Background Check/Fingerprinting Payment and Scheduling

  • City Center is not open for walk-ins. Fingerprinting is done through appointment only. 
  • SFCS will email the provider/volunteer with the background check/fingerprinting payment instructions and a link to schedule a fingerprinting appointment.
  • After the provider/volunteer receives the instructions, they go to City Center, Room 105 East for processing and to complete the fingerprinting Appointment. Remember to bring the Gemalto application receipt and your driver's license to the appointment.

Step 3: Wait for Clearance 

Once the fingerprinting process is completed, it can take 2 to 3 weeks for the clearance to be approved or denied. Once processing is complete, SFCS Background Coordinator will contact the provider's agency to notify them of their clearance status.

  • If the clearance is approved, SFCS Background Coordinator will notify the provider or agency about the badge pick-up process.
  • If the clearance is denied, SFCS Background Coordinator will notify the provider/agency but cannot divulge the reason for denial.
    • The individual whose clearance was denied may contact APS Fingerprinting to dispute the denial. 
    • The provider will not be issued a badge until their clearance is approved. 

Step 4: Badge Pick-up

  • SFCS Background Coordinator will schedule an appointment with the provider or agency to pick up the provider/volunteer badge(s).
  • Note: Approved clearances are valid for 2 years from the date of approval.

Rules about Access to APS Students and Schools

Access to Students

  • Principals have the right to refuse access to students in their school to any outside provider.
  • Providers must have school principal/designee approval prior to rending services at all school sites.

Approval After School Hours

Approval may come through communication with SFCS Division for after-school providers.

Approval During School Hours

A principal may determine on a daily basis whether it is appropriate for the provider to see students, e.g., a principal may refuse access to students during testing.

Badge Rules

  • Providers are required to wear their APS badge on APS campuses at all times.
  • Badges expire two years from the date of clearance. Providers must be re-fingerprinted every two years to continue providing services.
  • The badge should feature the signature of Kristine M. Meurer, Ph.D., Executive Director, SFCS division and the date that the background check expires.
  • School staff may request a picture ID to verify the provider's identity.

School Behavior

  • Providers working during school hours must comply with the school check-in or sign-in process.
  • Providers must present professionally in appearance and behavior.
  • Providers have a limited scope of work and are not "at-will" to provide additional services or school-related functions.
  • Providers must follow APS protocol for suicide and threat assessments.