Give Through the United Way

APS United Way Campaign 

October 1 - November 10, 2018

We are kicking off with APS PROUD DAY on October 5!

Show your spirit day - Calling all APS employees, students, families and supporters to show their school pride/spirit by digging in their closets and pulling out their letter jackets, team jerseys, school shirts, school colors or department shirts.  A social media blitz will be encouraged thanking United Way (UW) for their support of APS and to double school, department or Foundation support through UW.  Make sure to hashtag #APSProud and #UWCNM. Let's double the donors to your school, department and the Foundation this year!  We are #APSProud!

How to Give Online in Five Easy Steps

The APS United Way Campaign completely online! Online giving is quick, easy and saves trees.

Step 1: 
Check your APS email - sent on October 1, 2018. Each employee received a customized email directly to your email address. (If you can't find your email or would like another to be sent to you, please email

Step 2: 
Click on the link in the email. This link will take you directly to the secure United Way website where you can make your gift.

Step 3:
Make your gift. You can donate to the APS Education Foundation, APS schools and programs, the United Way Community Fund or to any US nonprofit. Please note that the United Way passes on 90% of your donation to nonprofits. Gifts to nonprofits other than the United Way must be at least $24.00, per United Way rules.

You can give a one-time amount or have a designated amount deducted from your paychecks (24 pay periods). Note: Your payroll deductions will begin on the 1st pay period in January 2019. 

Step 4: 
Submit your electronic pledge form. 

Step 5: 
You are awesome! Thanks for being a part of Albuquerque's largest annual fundraising campaign. Watch your email to find out how much we raised, and some surprise awards for donors.

How to Give if you miss the email...

Step 1: 
Click here for the donation form.

Step 2: 
Complete the form and click submit.

Step 3: 
Contact if you have any questions.

Step 4: 
You are awesome! Thanks for being a part of Albuquerque's largest annual fundraising campaign.

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