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Our Impact Opens Doors

In 2019-20, the APS Education Foundation awarded 107 grants at nearly $500,000.  These grants have impacted approximately 48,035 students - funding projects for Fine Arts, STEM, Literacy, Student Activities and After School Programs, School-wide Initiatives, Early Literacy, and Student Competitions.

In three years, the Foundation has given nearly 2 million to APS schools.


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19-20 Students Impacted


Student Clubs & Activities

Amount Awarded: $91,000
Amount Requested: $258,147
Funded: 35 out of 57 applications
Students Impacted: 9,460

Classroom and Grade-Level LearningCollet Park 3

  • Amount Awarded: $115,259
    Amount Requested: $271,048
    Funded: 48 out of 94 applications
    Students Impacted: 16,114

  • Guhl Early Literacy 

    Amount Awarded: $47,576
    Amount Requested: $143,630
    Funded: 3 out of 7 applications
    Students Impacted: 1,334

School-wide Impact

Amount Awarded: $110,036
Amount Requested: $523,091
Funded: 6 out of 29 applications
Students Impacted: 7,554

School Climate Transformative Idea Grant (TIG)

  • *Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the APS Education Foundation postponed the 2020 awards cycle.

Highland HS DECA National CompetitionPepsi for Student Competitions  

 Amount Awarded: $1,800
 Amount Requested: $1,800
 Funded: 1 out of 1 applications
 Students Impacted: 1
*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the APS Education Foundation postponed the Spring 2020 cycle.

Varsity Awards

    Directed by the APSEF Student Board Members
    Amount Awarded: $16,557
    Funded: ACT Practice Test, AP Exam Fees, College and Career Scholarships, and College & Career Prep Video
    Students Impacted: 507

    Eldorado 3Gold Bar Best in Class Awards

    • Amount Awarded: $30,000.00
    • Students Impacted: 12,931
      Funded: Elementary & High School Literacy, and Schoolwide Enrichment Special Education Model for all Students

    Discretionary Awards

    • Amount Awarded: $32,984.11
    • Students Impacted: 7,001


    Donate Now Button2019-2020 Totals

    Amount Awarded: $470,710.04
    Number of Grants Funded: 107
    Number of Students Impacted: 48,035

    Amazing things are happening, thanks to our community's help, keep the momentum and consider supporting the excellence in education.