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Our Impact Through Grants and Scholarships

The Education Foundation awards grants that fund projects and programs across all academic content areas, support social emotional learning, community and family engagement, and so much more.

Our Impact Opens Doors

APS is the largest school district in the state, among the largest in the nation, and has been the central source for public education in the Albuquerque community for decades.  APS strives to create excellence in public education and serves every child that walks through the door.

Our grant awards have grown significantly since the Horizons Campaign was launched in 2010. Where we once funded only small grants in STEM, literacy and fine arts, our efforts have grown to include small and large impact grants in various focus areas.  Each year we directly fund the programs and projects developed by the educators of Albuquerque Public Schools.

Only APS employees may submit applications. Traditional and magnet schools are eligible to apply. Employees can learn more by visiting our Foundation Grants Portal.  The Fall 2022 Grant Cycle opens September 1, 2022 and closes October 5, 2022.

A Year in Review 2021- 2022

Student Clubs & Activities

Award Amount: $500 - $10,000

A competitive grant supporting school-sponsored clubs, student organizations, and activities throughout the district.  This grant is focused on out-of-school time (OST) programs.  Programs must be designed to supplement the school curriculum and promote engagement, character, participation, and leadership.  Student Clubs & Activities grants are available twice per academic year, during fall and spring cycles.  

Amount Awarded: $104,610
Amount Requested: $245,025.64
Funded: 22 out of 49 applications
Students Impacted: 4,497

Classroom & Grade-Level Learning

Award Amount: $500 - $5,000

Classroom grants in the areas of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), fine arts and literacy, ranging from $1,500 for a single classroom and $5,000 for a team of multiple classrooms. 

Amount Awarded: $30,390
Amount Requested: $47,266.40
Funded: 14 out of 19 applications
Students Impacted: 2,155

Guhl Early Literacy 

Award Amount: Up to $35,000

Together with the Guhl Trust, this award provides funding to create or expand elementary (PreK-5) literacy programs throughout an entire school.  

Amount Awarded: $39,440
Amount Requested: $246,471.53
Funded: 4 out of 10 applications
Students Impacted: 1,690

Schoolwide Impact

Award Amount: $10,000 - $25,000

Funding for innovative practices impacting student learning and engagement across the entire school and/or grade levels. 

Amount Awarded: $150,000
Amount Requested: $372,837.10
Funded: 7 out of 17 applications
Students Impacted: 4,143

Transformative Idea Grant

Award Amount: Up to $5,000

Made possible by Technology Integration Group, this grant is dedicated to supporting programs that enhance school climate, increase student, staff and family engagement and promote social emotional learning.  

Amount Awarded: $13,710
Amount Requested: $37,248.07
Funded: 3 out of 10 applications
Students Impacted: 1,011

Pepsi Award

Award Amount: Up to $5,000

Financial support to school-based electives, clubs, activities, and student groups in need of assistance with unexpected and unbudgeted expenses as part of participating in a national, regional and/or state competition.  

Amount Awarded: $10,000
Amount Requested: $13,820
Funded: 3 out of 3 applications
Students Impacted: 41

Varsity Awards

Initiatives directed by the APS Education Foundation's student Board members to address a student-informed need.  

Amount Awarded: $15,831
Funded: First Generation College Workshops, AP Exam Fees, and Varsity Scholarships

Discretionary Awards

The intent of discretionary funding is to address immediate or emergency needs. Funds are limited and are subject to an annual budget overseen by the Foundation Board of Directors. 

Amount Awarded: $56,697
Students Impacted: 10,576

Paul Davis Restoration of NM Teacher Scholarship 

apply paul davis scholarship

An effort from the APS Education Foundation and Paul Davis Restoration of NM dedicated to supporting teachers who need reimbursement for the loss of personal teaching supplies that might have been damaged/destroyed by water, mold, or other unexpected perils in the classroom. Learn more about the Scholarship here.

Nusenda Credit Union Educational Scholarship 

Nusenda Credit Union is proud to support the Albuquerque Public Schools Educational Assistants (EA) Scholarship. This scholarship is focused on assisting EA’s who are seeking teacher certification through a higher education plan. The scholarship is to provide funding to EA’s who typically do not qualify for the state-funded program during their student teaching. Learn more about the Scholarship here.