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APS Vision Zero Curriculum

The APS Vision Zero Curriculum aims to teach students to safely navigate their routes to school as pedestrians and cyclists. The curriculum is heavily influenced by student engagement efforts. In Mapping Sessions and Walk Surveys, students described their traffic safety experiences and proposed solutions to make walking and biking to school safer. The APS Vision Zero Curriculum aims to address these concerns while encouraging students to walk and bike to school.

All materials are housed on the APS Vision Zero Curriculum Dashboard.

Click here to access the APS Vision Zero Curriculum Dashboard.


The APS Vision Zero Curriculum was designed to be flexible for teachers in different classroom settings. Teachers and School Staff from the APS District participated in a workshop to give feedback on curriculum drafts and determine optimal formats, delivery, and implementation methods. The APS Vision Zero Curriculum currently features the following formats:

    • Interactive Tools, Maps, and Walk Audit Surveys
    • Lesson Plans and Student Materials
    • Workbooks
    • Traffic Safety Demonstrations
    • Physical Activities

Grade Level Structure, Subjects, and Standards

Grade Levels

    • K-3rd – Builds excitement about traffic safety.
    • 3rd- 5th – Builds fundamental traffic safety skills.
    • 6th- 8th – Encourages safety autonomy.


    • Literacy

Provides students and teachers with workbooks and recommended reading resources.

    • Social Studies

Encourages students to think about traffic safety in their neighborhoods using virtual mapping tools, lesson plans, and workbook activities.

    • Math

Provides online tools for students to analyze and engage with local crash data and statistics from the HFIN (High Fatality Injury Network) Map.

    • Science

Encourages students to learn about the positive impacts active transportation has on carbon emissions and the environment.

    • Physical Education & Health

Encourages students to partake in physical activity via active transportation with Walk Audit Surveys, Walking School Buses, and Health lessons.

New Mexico State Standards

All APS Vision Zero Curriculum materials are assigned NM State Standards. Lessons and activities are assigned standards from different grade levels and subjects. NM State Standards were assessed and prioritized for use in the APS Vision Zero Curriculum based on the following factors:

    • Priority vs. Anchor Standards.
    • Relevance to student traffic safety data collected in engagement efforts.
    • Relevance to the global Vision Zero Traffic Safety Initiative.