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Property Insurance

Insurance is available to assist schools and departments with replacing damaged or stolen equipment.

How to File a Claim

  1. Call the non-emergency police line if a crime was involved.
  2. Notify Risk Management within 72 hours by submitting an APS Property Loss Report Form (PDF).
  3. Notify Capital Outlay if loss or damage involves property or equipment listed on the location's fixed asset inventory.
Note: Replacement of building contents is subject to a $1,000 loss deductible.

Equipment on Loan

While APS equipment is on loan to an employee, it is assumed to be under their personal care and control. For this reason the employee assumes full responsibility for any loss or damage.

In order to assist in meeting this financial responsibility, employees borrowing APS equipment are strongly encouraged to obtain personal insurance coverage on the equipment while in their possession.

The cost to repair or replace damaged or lost equipment may be deducted from the employee's paycheck.

Download the Equipment Check-Out Loan Agreement Form (AD-70) (PDF)

Personal Property Loss

The district may replace employee personal property only under these conditions:

  1. The property was approved for instructional use by the principal;
  2. The approval was in writing and on file with the principal prior to the loss.
  3. There is no insurance available for other personal or private property.