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Frequently Asked Questions about Risk Management services.

How do I report a work-related injury?

  1. Notify your supervisor and call (505) 830-8466.
  2. Submit completed New Mexico Worker's Compensation Administration Notice of Accident form (PDF) to your supervisor within fifteen (15) days of the accident or injury.
  3. For life-threatening emergencies, call 911 or seek treatment at the nearest hospital emergency facility.

How do I report loss or damage to APS property?

Submit a completed APS Property Loss Report (PDF).

How do I report a third-party liability claim?

Submit a completed Tort Claim Notice - Liability (PDF).

What paperwork must I complete to transport students in a private automobile?

  1. You must have approval of the school principal.
  2. You must complete the:
  3. You must have a valid driver's license, proof of insurance
  4. Volunteers with unsupervised access to students must successfully complete an APS background investigation through Human Resources.

When do I need to purchase Activity Trip Insurance?

Student activity trip insurance is required student travel sponsored by schools that are non-educational in nature used to reward academic, athletic or behavioral accomplishments. Get the Activity Trip Insurance Form (PDF)

How can I purchase Accident & Health Insurance for my child?

For students who are not covered by a family health or accident insurance plan, parents can purchase accident and health insurance coverage. This program provides options for low-cost accident insurance.

Am I eligible for employee Hepatitis B vaccination?

Certain positions have been identified as eligible for Hepatitis B vaccinations, based on the likelihood of occupational exposure to blood or body fluids. Read more about the Bloodborne Pathogens Plan (PDF), or take the training on bloodborne pathogens.

If your job category is not among those eligible for Hepatitis B vaccination, you and your active dependents may receive Hepatitis B and other commonly requested vaccinations with no copayment if enrolled in the Express Scripts prescription coverage plan (PDF).